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Born and raised in Las Vegas, Ryback’s first appearance on WWF was as a guest bell ringer at the age

of 12. He started lifting weights being inspired by professional wrestling, and went on to excel at

baseball and football in college. During his freshman year, Ryback broke his leg and missed two

seasons. He entered a fitness management programme at University of Nevada while working part

time at Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino.

  1. Life in WWE
  2. Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW)
  3. Ryback Involvement with CM Punk
  4. Departure


Life in WWE

Ryback entered WWE in the show Tough Enough and during the first week of training got infected

with bronchitis and sustained a rib injury. He was one of the eight finalists and last to be voted off

the show. He healed from his injuries and after training went to WWE Developmental Territory,

Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW)

There he failed a drug test and was suspended for 30 days, but he claimed this was due to a

bodybuilding supplement. After a long time in development, he became a part of the new NXT show

in WWE where William Regal was his mentor.

Ryback was also part of the 8-man Nexus team to invade Raw, as the rookies dominated the main

roster. They were eventually defeated by John Cena,s team at SummerSlam

Ryback was unfortunate to suffer several injuries while working for WWE and later came to the

Championship picture in 2012. He was booked as a ‘beast’, dominating anyone who came in his

path. While he competed for the WWE Championship many times, he never won it.

He always competed near the top of the card but due to inconsistent booking the fans, and later

WWE lost interest in him.

Ryback won the Intercontinental Championship once during his entire career at WWE.

Ryback Involvement with CM Punk

His involvement with CM Punk would come back to haunt Ryback as Punk called him out for being

an unsafe wrestler and hurting him on several occasions while taking on Colt Cabana podcast,

something the big guy has objected to vociferously.

ryback and cmpunk


In 2016, Ryback announced on his Instagram that he had parted ways with WWE and entered the

Independent Wrestling Scene.

People also ask

What is Ryback's finisher called?

This past week, it was announced that Ryback's finisher is named "Shell Shocked."

ryback finisher

How old is Ryback?

37 years (November 10, 1981)

Where is Ryback from?

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Why did WWE release Ryback?

On August 5, Reeves announced on his Instagram that he and WWE had parted ways. Three days later, WWE released Ryback.

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