5 strongest Ninja of Hidden Cloud in Naruto (and 5 who are weak)

The Fourth Raikage (left), Third Raikage (mid), and Killer Bee (Image via Sportskeeda)
The Fourth Raikage (left), Third Raikage (mid), and Killer Bee (Image via Sportskeeda)

The second most powerful nation in Naruto is the Hidden Cloud, located in a range of tall mountains. It produced exceptionally skilled ninjas with their prowess in Nature Release: Lightening.

Moreover, Hidden Cloud was the only known nation with two Tailed Beasts in its possession.

Five of the mightiest Ninjas of Hidden Cloud in Naruto

1) Kinkaku and Ginkaku


Renowned as the Two Lights of Hidden Cloud, Kinkaku and Ginkaku were known for their attempt to capture the Nine-Tails for their villages. They were swallowed whole by the beast and tried to survive inside the Nine-Tails by eating its flesh.

Kabuto Yakushi reincarnated them during the Fourth Great Ninja War, and their presence alone made the Third Raikage furious.

4) Darui


Darui was the Right-Hand man of the Fourth Raikage and eventually became the Fifth Raikage. He was one of the students of the Third Raikage and was a skilled shinobi from the start. He learned the Black Lightning technique passed onto him by the third, his signature move.

Darui was able to defeat the infamous Kinkaku and Ginkaku single-handedly. His capability of using the Treasured Tools of Sage of Six Paths displays his strength and how much chakra reserve he possessed.

3) Fourth Raikage: A


The successor of the Third Raikage, A, is a hot-tempered Fourth Raikage of the Hidden Cloud. He is known for his outspoken and flagrant personality. A is an exceptionally formidable ninja and is able to strike a hit on his enemies before they can react, which shows how fast he is.

His strength is shown when he is able to smash Susanoo. After Sasuke hit his hand with Amaterasu, A cut off his hand without showing a slight hesitation on his face.

2) Third Raikage: A


Recognized as one of the most powerful shinobi and the greatest Raikage ever, A was a level-headed and humble person. He possessed great prowess in Taijutsu and defeated multiple opponents in one move.

The Third Raikage was so strong that once, he fought ten thousand ninjas on his own and even fought the Eight-Tails, the result of which ended up as a tie.

1) Killer Bee


Killer Bee is arguably the strongest shinobi from the Hidden Leaf. Unlike others, being a Jinchuriki, he was able to tame his beast and develop a friendly relationship with it. When he was young, he performed Lightning Release: Double Lariat with A, out of all the children summoned by the Third Raikage.

Killer Bee has an exceptionally skilled Kenjutsu. He can wield eight swords at once on different parts of his body, and even a Sharingan would have a hard time keeping up with his unpredicted moves.

Five underpowered Ninjas of the Hidden Cloud in Naruto

5) C


Serving as a bodyguard in the Fourth Raikage alongside Darui, C is a skilled shinobi hailing from the Hidden Cloud. He is a confident and practical guy who values his duty above anything and has the utmost respect for his peers and the Raikage.

He also holds prowess in Medical Ninjutsu and can heal the injuries of his comrades on the battlefield. C is capable of tracking his targeted enemies by sensing the traces of their chakra.

4) Omoi


Omoi is an attentive Ninja who likes to think before acting and often gets lost in his thoughts. He is a skilled shinobi trained by Killer Bee, making his Kenjutsu skills formidable. He has the ability to counter multiple attacks with a single swipe from his sword.

Omoi was also acknowledged by Kakashi Hatake for his combat skills and capabilities. Later, he became the bodyguard for the Fifth Raikage: Darui.

3) Dodai


Dodai is a genius and a skilled Ninja of Hidden Cloud who served as an official attendant for at least two Raikage. He always keeps a calm composure no matter how dire the situation gets.

Dodai, along with A in his youth, was able to teach the basics of Lightning Release: Double Lariat. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, he countered the Third Raikage and also set up a decoy for him to follow all at once.

2) Yugito


Yugito was one of the highly skilled kunoichis of the Hidden Cloud. She was made the Jinchuriki of Two-Tails aged two and was proficient enough to transform into her tailed beast at will. Yugito was highly regarded and respected by the Killer Bee, despite being younger than him.

She was able to trap two Akatsuki members, Hidan and Kakuzu, along with herself, displaying her courage and strength. She could have killed both of them if it weren’t for Hidan’s Immortality, but alas, she eventually died.

1) Fukai (Blue Bee)


Blue Bee is regarded highly by the Fourth Raikage as he was a highly skilled ninja with prowess in ninjutsu and kenjutsu. He was also the Jinchurikii of Eight-Tails and was the predecessor of Killer Bee.

Blue Bee was able to control the chakra of Eight-Tails and was known for its impressive use. At one point, he lost control of his beast, which caused multiple deaths and casualties.

The Third Raikage’s reaction was to subdue the Eight-Tails, which resulted in the death of Blue Bee.

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