Akame ga Kill!: Is a second season possible? What fans could expect, and more

Visuals of the titular protagonist Akame of "Akame ga Kill!" (Image via White Fox Studio)
Visuals of the titular protagonist Akame of "Akame ga Kill!" (Image via White Fox Studio)

Warning: Akame ga Kill! Season 1 spoilers ahead.

The adaptation of Takahiro Shonen manga Akame Ga Kill! is a dark action-fantasy anime that was released on July 7, 2014. The first season of the anime consisted of 24 episodes and followed the source material through the first eight materials of the manga.

After the death of Tatsumi, the main protagonist of the show, and most of the other key characters, it became harder to guess what was coming next. Akame, the titular heroine and the only character left, was seen wandering through a desert in the end credits of the last episode, raising several questions regarding Season 2.

What fans can expect from Season 2 of 'Akame ga Kill!'

Plot overview

The story follows the protagonist, Tatsumi, who’s set out on his quest to earn name, fame, and money for his village alongside his two friends Iyasu and Sayo. During his journey, he gets jumped by some bandits, which results in their separation. He continues on towards the Imperial Capital, hoping to regroup with his friends.

Later, he gets picked from the streets by a princess named Aria, who shows kindness by offering him a bed and food. Her mask of kindness is wiped out by a group called “Night Raid.” They show Tatsumi how she and other rich folks like her toy with countryside folks by luring them with their sugar-coated words.

Tatsumi joins the Night Raid, a group of elite fighters who fight to eradicate evil tyrants of the city so that people can live and breathe in peace. These fighters wield Imperial Weapons, which are said to be deadly relics that if they fall into wrong hands, capable of leaving behind chaos and destruction.

Throughout the story, he fights till the end alongside Night Raid to attain peace. Although Tatsumi ends up surviving the war, he dies as a hero in the anime.

Will there be a Season 2 for 'Akame ga Kill!'?


The first season of Akame ga Kill! has been a huge success but there have been no updates from production company Studio White Fox about the future of the series for eight years now.

However, many animes have made a successful comeback after a huge interval without losing fan loyalty, so not all hope is lost.

What to expect

There are unconfirmed reports and rumors about the second installment that, unlike the first season, there will be 12 episodes.

The continuation of the series is not possible because of the ending. The season is more likely to be the adaptation of Akame ga Kill!: Zero, focusing on Akame’s past life and her days before joining the Night Raid.

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