Demon Slayer: Entertainment District arc, Episode 7 goes viral on Twitter

Nezuko thriving during battle (Image via Ufotable)
Nezuko thriving during battle (Image via Ufotable)

The seventh episode of Demon Slayer's second season aired on January 16. It featured an incredible showdown between Nezuko and Daki, and fans could hardly believe what they just watched!


Fans on Twitter react to 'Demon Slayer'

Season 2 Episode 7

Demon Slayer's 'Transformation' episode ignited anime Twitter. Shocked and excited fans flooded the social media platform with posts about what happened.

This latest Demon Slayer episode treated fans to the top-tier fight scene animation that viewers have grown accustomed to. Reactions to Nezuko's battle with Daki spread like wildfire across Twitter.

LMAO , NEZUKO DESTROYING AN UPPER MOON 6馃ぃ馃敟馃敟馃敟Anime :DEMON SLAYER S2 EPISODE 7 #Anitwt #DemonSlayer #DemonSlayerSeason2#KimetsuNoYaiba #楝兼粎銇垉 #nezuko

Nezuko put her Demon Blood Art on display and her massive physical prowess. As the fight between the two women came to a climax, Gyutaro appeared magnificently. The Upper Moon 6 siblings were just incredible.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Red Light District Arc EP 7nezuko showing her power, kie kamado's lullaby, and finally the appearance of gyuutaro, everything was perfect in this episode. an amazing episode that leaves us wanting for more. keep it up KNY. #楝兼粎銇垉

Uzui unleashed incredible swordsmanship and displayed situational control to keep Gyutaro at bay.


Demon Slayer fans on Twitter couldn't get enough of the fight between Uzui and Gyutaro:

@maimai04753 The animation when he used his blood demon arts was insane

Aside from all of the epic combat scenes, Demon Slayer fans were moved by the two opposing sibling duos. Human or demon, it didn't matter, as both sisters gave it their all in combat when their brothers weren't busy looking after them.

Demon Slayer Ep 7 siblings things 馃挅 The resemblance 鉁

While there was so much to unpack in this episode, the focus kept coming back to Nezuko. We have seen Tanjiro's little sister in action before, but never quite like this.

Her full power was on display as she activated her Blood Demon Art. The battle between Nezuko and Daki was a nonstop trade of vicious blows. Viewers knew that things were going down when Nezuko bit clean through her mouth restraint.

With a fight this intense, there was no way to tell who had the upper hand at any moment.

A performance like this raises the question of how high Nezkuo's ceiling is. At this point, do we even want her to return to her human state? It's just too much fun to watch her fight!

Nezuko's smiling and laughing 馃憖Ep 7 Demon Slayer Entertainment District Arc#DemonSlayer #KimetsunoYaiba #楝兼粎銇垉 #DemonSlayerKimetsuNoYaiba

Although Nezuko did her best to steal the show, fans loved every aspect of the episode. The appearance of Daki's older brother, Gyutaro, shocked many.

Demon slayer season 2 District arc episode 7 Done!Nezuko was OP in this episode tho no cap, but Unexpected that Diki had a brother, I really thought Uzui killed her lol. this episode was totally fire cause Nezuko transformation and not only that she clap Diki 馃敟

Seeing as Nezuko destroyed her mouth restraint, Tanjiro had to use his sword to restrain her. She fell asleep quickly as her big brother comforted her.

Fans reacted to a rare look inside Nezuko's mind. Her behavior so far has told us much about her state of mind, but it was a real treat to get this reveal.

DEMON SLAYER S2 EP 7 SPOILERS鈥斺斺攏ezuko is a baby in the inside and i- <3 #kimetsunoyaiba

Fans can tune into this exciting episode on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District Arc Episode 7 "Transformation" is streaming now on @Crunchyroll and @Funimation!

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