Dr. Stone Chapter 225: A space-bound stowaway, petrification problems, and more

One of the series logos for Dr. Stone. (Image via Shueisha)
One of the series logos for Dr. Stone. (Image via Shueisha)

The scanlations for Dr. Stone Chapter 225 were released earlier today, January 15. While not particularly action-packed, Dr. Stone Chapter 225 still proved to be very engaging and interesting.

Warning: This article contains spoilers!

The team of Senku, Stanley, and Kohaku finally arrive in space and become unpetrified. Unfortunately, this chapter showcases how it’s not exactly smooth sailing for the crew from this point on.

Follow along as this chapter breaks down Dr. Stone Chapter 225 in its entirety.

Dr. Stone Chapter 225 sets up exciting future with an unexpected space ship crew member and unforeseen problems

Dr. Stone Chapter 225: Opening pages

DR. STONE SPOILERS // z=225.........Inagaki tanto que me hiciste llorar para que al final Ryusui si fuera al espacio, te amo pero te odio

Dr. Stone Chapter 225 begins with Stanley, Kohaku, and Senku all working together to fit the space station pieces together. However, as the earthbound Kingdom of Science citizens celebrate, Senku and Stanley realize their comms are down for some reason.

Kohaku then steps outside the spacecraft in a spacesuit to set up the antenna and other equipment. Returning inside, Kohaku attempts to help out by monitoring the onboard camera but the display stops working. Kohaku apologizes, but Senku reassures her it’s not her fault saying they have an electrical problem.

The screen is now said to only be half-working, obviously sparking worry for Senku and Kohaku. Luckily, Stanley says he can still dock to the third unit with no problem, a claim he makes good on shortly thereafter. Once the three return inside from setting up exterior equipment, Senku discovers the source of the electrical problem is a petrified hair.

The hair is stuck inside the circuit thanks to petrification properties, meaning there’s no way to remove it. Kohaku then realizes the hair is Yo Uei’s from when the Medusa was used inside the rocket prior to takeoff. Clearly frustrated, Senku reminds himself as well as the others that trial and error is the process of science, reaffirming justification in their prior Medusa decision in the process.

The circuit board then seems to suddenly break, given Kohaku’s expression. Kohaku points out that the docking screen is completely gone at this point. Furthermore, the fourth unit seems to be also having problems of mobility with a capacitor having burned down. Senku ponders exchanging the switch boards, but seems to quickly shut his own idea down. Kohaku subsequently panics, saying they have no way to connect the pieces with how dark it is and no camera.

Dr. Stone Chapter 225: Closing section

spoiler dr.stone 225..............WAIT, RYUSUI È NELLO SPAZIO?? NON STO CAPENDO ASPETTA.

Suddenly, the fourth unit begins to move on its own accord. The crew begins discussing how the fourth unit was a lunar lander, not meant to hold a stowaway.

Senku then realizes who would be crazy enough to do that, prompting Ryusui Nanami to make his triumphant appearance. Shots of the earthbound Kingdom of Science citizens admiring Ryusui’s craziness follow, with everyone excited for the apparent salvation of the mission.

Unfortunately, the crew lets readers know that the fourth unit is missing a key piece of equipment; a reaction wheel. This device would allow the ship to be rotated easily based on angular momentum, as a way of controlling the lunar lander easier for docking and landing purposes. Stanley says the main ship could do something to compensate, but it would use the rest of their fuel to do so.

With perfect timing, the fourth unit suddenly begins rotating. Quickly cutting to earth, Dr. Xeno admits he was unable to fit an engine on the fourth unit in time. Cutting to inside the fourth unit, readers see Ryusui spinning the craft with his own body weight. The other crew members as well as some earthbound friends give hilarious reactions to this feat.

Thankfully, even with how ridiculous it looks, Ryusui’s tactic is successful and the space station is fully put together. In Dr. Stone Chapter 225’s final moments, Senku triumphantly draws his trademark Einstein formula on his shirt as the spaceship approaches the moon’s surface. Dr. Stone Chapter 225 ends here with no announcement of a break next week.

In summation

Although not action packed and very dialogue heavy, Dr. Stone Chapter 225 did a fantastic job of pushing the plot forward and setting up the series’ future. With a fourth person in space, the team now has extra firepower in the eventual fight against Why-man, something which should begin shortly.

Ryusui’s appearance in space was also very well done and well received, with Ryusui being a fan-favorite who’s discussed his space bound desires for quite some time now. His arrival in the Final Frontier as is more than welcome for a vast majority of the series’ fans.

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