Jump Festa '22 day one wrap-up: Bleach, Chainsaw Man, Dragon Ball Super and more

The promotional imagefor Jump Festa '22. (Image via Shueisha)
The promotional imagefor Jump Festa '22. (Image via Shueisha)

Jump Festa ‘22 day one has come and gone, and with it came so many exciting announcements for various series. Series like Bleach made their long awaited return, while the new-gen anime Boruto revealed a new key visual for the rest of the series.

Day one of Jump Festa ‘22 definitely delivered, and fans should be excited to see what day two brings. So many series debuted information on Jump Festa '22 day one, that the surplus of news may be overwhelming to fans.

As a result, this article aims to compile and address the major announcements from every mainstream series’ Jump Festa ‘22 day one panel.

Jump Festa ‘22 day one brings massive announcements for mainstream series such as Bleach, Chainsaw Man, Dragon Ball Super and more

Jump Festa '22: Bleach


Bleach had arguably the biggest day of Jump Festa ‘22’, debuting a key visual and trailer for the anime’s Thousand Year Blood War arc adaptation. Fans have long awaited the anime’s return and waitedon Jump Festa ‘22 for news on said return. It’s safe to say fans have certainly gotten a return on investment, as the trailer displays a new art style and updated animation, which gives the series an incredibly fresh look.

Jump Festa '22: Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super also had a big day at Jump Festa ‘22’s first day, debuting a new trailer for the upcoming Super Hero movie, as well as information about the manga. The trailer highlighted Gohan in particular, implying him as the star of the show for the upcoming movie.

Fans also saw Gohan donning his Piccolo inspired garb, as well as using a Super Saiyan transformation, something Gohan had previously sworn off. This is creating tons of intrigue for the movie, which fans have seemingly come around to with the second trailer.

As for the manga, it was revealed the Granolah the Survivor arc is coming to a close and a new manga arc will begin in 2022. Fans are speculating the new arc to begin in April or May, as the current arc’s final fight of Granolah vs. Gas seems to be rapidly approaching its climax. In addition to the trailer and this manga news, Akira Toriyama also prepared a statement for the panel in advance, discussing the movie and choice in animation style.

Jump Festa '22: Chainsaw Man

The Chainsaw Man Jump Festa ‘22 day one panel was somewhat of a letdown for Chainsaw Man fans. Many hoped that a new anime trailer and release date would debut at the series’ Jump Festa ‘22 panel; sadly, this was not the case. What fans did get is more information on part two of the manga, which is confirmed to be coming during summer 2022. The anime also reconfirmed its debut range of the year 2022.

Jump Festa '22: Haikyuu!!

Haikyuu!! Celebrated its tenth anniversary since the series’ debut, yet unfortunately fans didn’t quite get the news they were hoping for. To start, the Haikyuu!! team sadly did not announce the anime’s season 5 during their Jump Festa ‘22 panel. This was much to the disappointment of fans everywhere, who were hoping to have an announcement for the much anticipated Nekoma vs. Karasuno match.

Something that was announced, however, was the creation of 10 different projects to celebrate the series’ tenth anniversary, four of which were revealed at Jump Festa ‘22. While the four announced seem to be art exhibitions and things of that sort, fans are hoping later announcements will detail a movie or new season.

Jump Festa '22: Boruto

The Boruto series didn’t announce much besides a new key visual for the anime, yet fans are already expressing their displeasure with the announcement. Many fans feel that the key visual implies more filler or anime canon, something which is very divisive among anime fans in general and especially with Boruto fans.

Regardless, this was the only major announcement the series had for Jump Festa ‘22, but perhaps that wasn’t the best decision in hindsight.