Naruto: Why Kakashi never got married in the series? Explained

Understanding why Kakashi didn’t marry anyone during the course of the series (Image via Pierrot)
Understanding why Kakashi didn’t marry anyone during the course of the series (Image via Pierrot)

The Naruto series has a wide range of characters, but only some are unanimously loved by the entire fanbase. One such character is Kakashi Hatake. When compared to other characters, his popularity is among the highest, and he was an extraordinary ninja in his prime.

He has achieved feats that the average shinobi can never even dream of. His ability to copy ninjutsu perfectly on the first try earned him the nickname - The Copy Ninja. He was one of the most feared combatants in the Leaf Village.

While he is infamous for being a bad mentor to Naruto, he certainly did well in developing Sasuke’s abilities at a young age. Despite all the things he had done, there was one thing he never managed to do during the course of the series - start his own family.

Kakashi never got married or had kids in the show, and fans have always wondered what the reasons were. Before we take a deeper dive into this topic, it is important to know that neither the manga nor Masashi Kishimoto has given a specific reason for Kakashi not marrying anyone in the series. Therefore, the article is speculative in nature.

Trigger Warning: This article has mentions of suicide.

Naruto: Taking a look at Kakashi's past to understand why he didn't marry anyone in the series

Why didn’t Kakashi marry anyone in the Naruto series? One of the primary reasons for this could be all the losses he has suffered since he was a child. People close to him died in front of his eyes, and when it happens repeatedly, it can traumatize a person to a great extent.

Kakashi saw his father die of suicide, which would have had a nasty impact, especially when he knew that he wasn’t at fault. His father, Sakumo Hatake, fell into a pit of depression when he failed to complete a mission, and people berated him for it.

Kakashi accidentally kills Rin (Image via Pierrot)
Kakashi accidentally kills Rin (Image via Pierrot)

Another important person in Kakashi’s life was Rin Nohara. She was Obito Uchiha's and Kakshi’s friend. They trained and grew up together. Kakashi also managed to fatally wound Rin in the Naruto series.

Rin was manipulated by Madara, who then decided that taking her own life would be the best way to deal with the situation, which is why she placed herself in Kakashi’s trajectory when he performed Chidori. Furthermore, Kakashi also saw his mentor and teacher, Minato Namikaze, die.

Obito might have bickered with Kakashi all the time, but they had a strong bond. Not only did he witness Obito die when he was a kid, but he also saw his friend become the instigator of the Fourth Great Ninja War that took countless innocent shinobi's lives. Kakashi had to watch Obito die yet again in the Naruto series. Kakashi has rarely experienced the warmth of a nurturing relationship.

He has always experienced pain and loss throughout his life. Marrying a person and forming a close bond can be scary for someone like him because losing another person that is dear to him could shatter him. This reason is most likely why Kakashi Hatake never married anyone in the Naruto series.

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