Will Hunter x Hunter manga ever continue? Fans desperate as series approaches 3 year long hiatus

One of the various series logos for Hunter x Hunter. (Image via Shueisha)
One of the various series logos for Hunter x Hunter. (Image via Shueisha)

On November 26th, Yoshihiro Togashi’s Hunter x Hunter manga will be on hiatus for three years straight. As the hiatus length grows, fans are becoming desperate with hopes that the manga returns.

In part, this is due to the consumer success the Hunter x Hunter manga has seen throughout its lifetime. Gon is a protagonist people fall in love with instantly, and therefore become so invested in his journey at an early stage.

Unfortunately, this investment and love can lead to frustration and anger during the Hunter x Hunter manga hiatus. Fans still love the series, but more than anything they just want new chapters and Gon’s journey to continue.

After nearly three years of hiatus, will Hunter x Hunter manga continue?

Plot summary

The Hunter x Hunter manga and anime series both follow Gon Freecss, a young boy from Whale Island who’s raised by his Aunt, Mito Freecss. Gon was left in Mito’s care by his father Gin after being born, and has been raised by Mito since. Gin has left and become one of the world's most renowned Hunters.

A Hunter is someone who passes the rigorous exams presented by the Hunter Association, and in the process proves themselves an elite member of humanity. Becoming a Hunter gives one nearly unlimited resources to go anywhere in the world in search of treasures, ruins, animals, or whatever else one may desire.

Gon’s desire, and the initial plot of the Hunter x Hunter manga, is to become a hunter just like his dad and then go find him. While Gon does achieve this during both the Hunter x Hunter manga and anime, Gon’s new journey to the Dark Continent is currently on hiatus.

While fans are grateful to have seen Gon and Gin reunite, the Hunter x Hunter manga’s hiatus is still disappointing to fans everywhere. Fans have invested so much time and effort into reading the Hunter x Hunter manga, and it’s disappointing to see the series on hiatus for so long.

Why is the manga on hiatus?

The Hunter x Hunter manga, like many other manga, is both storyboarded and drawn by the author. While the author usually has a team to handle details in both areas, a majority of the drawings are typically done by authors themselves.

As a result, the workload and life of a manga author can be very stressful and often injury laden. Several other mangaka (the industry term for manga authors) have had a long and detailed history of injuries and illnesses. Togashi is no different.

The author of the Hunter x Hunter manga suffers from chronic debilitating back pain. Togashi has stated several times this pain can lead to him being bedridden, and understandably prevents him from drawing. Togashi has stated his intent to finish the Hunter x Hunter manga as long as it takes, and fans seem somewhat content with waiting.

Final thoughts

While there's no return date for the Hunter x Hunter manga, we know from the author's own words that the Hunter x Hunter manga will continue. Togashi has consistently thanked fans for their patience while reaffirming his desire to finish the series.

Yet the physical demands of the manga industry cannot be understated. In the wake of Kentaro Miura’s tragic and untimely death, fans must recognize the stress placed on these brilliant minds. Creating the stories we love so dearly, like the Hunter x Hunter manga, takes dedication and sacrifice by the authors.

There’s no doubt the Hunter x Hunter manga will be continued and finished. Togashi has also stated his intent for this to be done by his own hand. As hard as it is to ask, the best thing fans can do right now is be patient and show their support for Togashi’s recovery process.

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