One Piece episode 1008 highlights

One Piece Episode 1008 (Image via Sportskeeda)
One Piece Episode 1008 (Image via Sportskeeda)

The latest One Piece episode was released today, January 30. The newest installment of the anime was chock full of excitement and drama. As the peril on Onigashima unravels, the various moving parts of the action develop.

This article will recap the highlights of One Piece episode 1008.

One Piece episode 1008 recap

The chase for the antidote

Chase for the antidote (Image via Toei Animation)
Chase for the antidote (Image via Toei Animation)

One of Kaido's headliners, Queen, has unleashed a ruthless virus on the combatants occupying the performance floor. The Samurai of Wano and Kaido's underlings alike are being turned into ice oni, doomed to die after carrying out Queen's will. The only antidote is given to Apoo, painting a target on his back.

Zoro gives chase to the On Air Pirates captain. X Drake, having recently been uncovered as a spy, expresses that he has always hated Apoo. Driven by his sense of justice and his secret mission, Drake joins forces with Zoro.

Together, the two men launch coordinated attacks at Apoo, who is overwhelmed by the two One Piece pirates. However, he knows that his life (and his job) depends on his ability to hold off his attackers. Apoo makes it clear that he will not go down easily. Despite Apoo's resolve and desperation, X Drake transforms into his Dragon-Dragon Fruit, Allosaurus form.

Yamato and Momonosuke

Kaido's rebellious daughter has just rescued Momonosuke. She reveals her identity to the young Samurai and vows to protect him. Gaining such a powerful ally is a big shift in the dynamic of the One Piece Wano arc.

Marco and Big Mom

Outside the castle, the battle between Marco and Big Mom rages. Marco is all too familiar with the strength of the Yonko and wants to prevent her from reentering the castle. He does his part in assisting the Straw Hats by holding off the mighty Big Mom, but she manages to grab him.

Before being rendered immobile, Marco unleashes a blast of flame that burns away Prometheus, Big Mom's sun familiar. Furious, Big Mom commands her son Perospero to shoot an arrow at Marco.

Nami and Ulti

Ulti has defeated Nami and Usopp, and holds Nami tightly. Unable to escape, the Straw Hats' navigator is faced with an ultimatum. Admit that Luffy will never become the king of the pirates, or be killed by one final headbutt from Ulti.

Bloody and in tears, Nami struggles to get the words out. Her faith and attachment to the One Piece protagonist make it difficult for even the cat burglar to lie. Ulti hesitates as Nami begins to utter the phrase. Just as she is about to say it, Nami flashes back to the first time that Luffy saved her in the East Blue.

Overwhelmed with emotion and unable to betray her friend, Nami uses the last of her strength to shout that she believes Luffy will achieve his dream. This enrages Ulti and she is about to finish Nami when Otama comes charging in to the rescue atop Komachiyo. Otama instructs the giant dog to attack Ulti and saves Nami.