Toei Animation's top boss hints at Dragon Ball reboot

Why Dragon Ball could use a reboot (image via Toei Animation)
Why Dragon Ball could use a reboot (Image via Toei Animation)

Dragon Ball is undoubtedly one of the most iconic series that put anime on the world map. Its expansion to the West popularized anime to a large degree, and a ton of incredible shows have been inspired by it. However, any Dragon Ball fan will admit, the quality of the animation and the content is not up to the mark. The series is no longer basking in the glory it once did, and it could use a reboot.

Chikashi Kubota, the animation director of Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes expressed his interest in the series' reboot at Japan Expo 2023. He believes that a fresh start and creating a new storyline by accounting for all the timelines and inconsistencies could make this series great again.

There are plenty of reasons why this series could use a reboot. Let's understand what those reasons are, and how it could lead to a positive outcome, should the reboot be sanctioned by Toei Animation.

Dragon Ball: Reasons why the series could use a reboot

One of the biggest declines that this series has faced is a drop in animation quality. Furthermore, the latest film was made completely using CGI, which was something fans didn't enjoy either. The drop in quality could also be noticed in the Z version. This is a primary reason why the series could use a reboot.

Furthermore, the storyline or the anime canon is a bit of a mess. That being said, a noticeable trend is that the concept of the anime canon is something that the Japanese fanbase isn't all that concerned about. The Western audience pays a greater deal of attention to this.

In any case, this causes massive issues for new fans who wish to explore the Dragon Ball series. A reboot can clear a ton of inconsistencies and create a well-thought-out plot.

Plenty of fans might argue that a change in the plot could anger the fanbase. However, given the fact that Toei Animation has already created anime-original plots, another one wouldn't do much harm, especially if the series will receive a fresh start.

The very reason why Dragon Ball Z Kai came into existence was for the anime to align itself better with the manga that Akira Toriyama created. However, even the Kai installment had a few inconsistencies that fans didn't like.

Furthermore, important members of the original cast are, unfortunately, no longer with us. Hiromi Tsuru, the voice actor of Bulma, and Joji Yanami passed away a few years ago. It is also important to note that Masaka Nozawa, the voice actor for Goku, Bardock, Gohan, and other important characters, is 86 years old. It's clear that the series may require a new set of voice actors, and there is no better way to introduce them than by initiating a reboot.

The Dragon Ball series will benefit quite a lot from a fresh start. Fans hope that Toei Animation considers and sanctions a reboot for this iconic shonen anime series.

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