Neeraj Chopra clears the air regarding Olympic final controversy involving Arshad Nadeem 

Indian javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra
Indian javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra

A day after controversy started brewing around Neeraj Chopra and Arshad Nadeem with regards to the Olympic final, the gold medalist has commented on the situation. According to Chopra, there was nothing wrong with what the Pakistani thrower did.

The 23-year-old posted a video on his Twitter handle, where he expressed disappointment over how the small issue was propagated around social media.

Neeraj Chopra clears the air regarding javelin throw controversy

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Chopra revealed in an interview that Arshad Nadeem had held his javelin before his throw in the final. This led to netizens taking to Twitter to slam the Pakistani, who was formerly praised by people because of his admiration for Neeraj Chopra.

However, the Panipat native cleared things up through a video message on Thursday, in which he expressed his disappointment regarding the same.

"The personal javelin we get, it is placed in the rack. However, all the throwers can use the same javelin. This is the rule. So there was nothing wrong that he was preparing for his throw and when I set out for mine I asked it from him. There is nothing big about this," Chopra said in the video.

Chopra, who has been busy with interviews and felicitation since his return, also believes that people have been using his name for false motives on the issue.

"I would request everyone to please not use me and my comments as a medium to further your vested interests and propaganda. Sports teaches us to be together and united. I'm extremely disappointed to see some of the reactions from the public on my recent comments," Chopra said in the video message.

Chopra has stated in the past that Arshad and him are good friends. Both the Asian throwers were contenders to finish on the podium at the Olympics but Chopra came out on top.

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