"Sports was just everything" - Usain Bolt looks back on his journey as an athlete

Athletics - Olympics: Day 14
Usain Bolt poses on podium at the medal ceremony for Men's 200m at 2016 Rio Olympics

Usain Bolt's career is what one would sum up as legendary. His records still stand strong.

In a recent interview with World Athletics, Usain Bolt reminisced on his whole journey from playing cricket to shattering records. He expressed how everything in his life was related to sports.

"Sport was just everything," he said. "Me growing up was all about sports."

The retired Jamaican first started out as a cricketer when he was young. He was a fast bowler and after seeing the boy had great potential to become an athlete, the cricket coach asked him to try running. The retired sprinter recalls he was good at running right from the start.

"The moment I started I was good at it," he said further in the interview.

The star sprinter had a rough patch when transitioning from a junior athlete to a professional. He won the Junior title when he was 15 years old. But he recalled it took him two years to compete as a professional. He remembers meeting his coach, Glen Mills, who led him to major wins.

"It was rough," he said. "I was sad a lot of times because of how great I was as a junior and transition into being a professional, it wasn't smooth.
"It kind of got me sad and down at times you know I mean, but meeting Glen Mills was a joy and he kind of got me focused and got me back on track."

Looking back at his 9.58 seconds world record, the star sprinter admitted that he was confident about breaking the record and had a bet with his coach and masseuse.

"I was confident, so so confident because I was in shape, I was running good. I felt great."

Usain Bolt has been given the title of the Fastest Man in the World. The retired sprinter expressed how grateful he is for being named such.

"It's a great title. I'm gonna say a wonderful title," he said.

Usain Bolt looks forward to the 2024 Paris Olympics as he attends the unveiling of the new torch

Exactly a year apart from the opening ceremony of the Paris Olympics, the legendary sprinter was seen at the unveiling of the new torch in Paris. He said he is excited and looking forward to the opening ceremony of the Games.

"I think it's gonna be pretty much one of the best if not the best opening ceremony because just imagine everybody just standing at the side, across the bridge and just cheering people on. It has never been done before so for me it's just exciting to just think about it," said Usain Bolt.

For the first time in Olympic history, the opening ceremony will not take place in the stadium. The athletes will parade in boats along the Seine River.

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Edited by Sabine Algur
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