"We had a bet how fast I'd run because I knew I was going to break the world record" - Usain Bolt on historic 2009 World Athletics Championships

16th IAAF World Athletics Championships London 2017 - Day Ten
Usain Bolt executing the Lightning Bolt pose while bidding farewell at the16th IAAF World Athletics Championships in London

Usain Bolt is arguably the greatest sprinter of all time. His performances are immortalized in the athletics world.

In a recent interview with World Athletics, Bolt recalled an amusing incident around breaking the world record in 2009.

The Jamaican has a 100m world record with a time of 9.58 seconds to his name. He achieved the feat at the 2009 World Athletics Championships in Berlin, which still stands strong.

The Jamaican sprinter recently remembered that he was confident about creating a new world record as he was in good shape. He looked back at the time when he wagered a bet with his coach Glen Mills and his masseuse Everald Edward.

"I knew I was gonna break the record because I was in such good shape at the time. I was running great show of the season", Bolt said.

He said he would break the record with a time of 9:54 seconds, his coach bet it would be 9:52 seconds, and his masseuse bet it would be 9:56 seconds, making Edward win the bet.

"Might be it was 9:54 and my coach's bet I think was 9:52, I wanna say, and Eddie's bet was 9:56. So, he got the money", said Usain Bolt.

Further in the interview, when asked which record he thought would be broken first between 100m and 200m, the 36-year-old opined that breaking the 100m record would be more difficult than the 200m one.

"I'm worried about none of them. I actually don't know. I think the 100 is gonna be hard because it's quicker, and if you make a mistake during the race, you are not gonna get it. So it's a lot more technical. So I think maybe the 100 is gonna go last," he said.

It has been 14 years since the Jamaican sprinter broke the 100m world record and it still remains unchallenged.

Usain Bolt releases his new song

Usain Bolt has been seen grooving on quite a few occasions, including at the start of his races and at the end after his victories. He has always loved dancing and singing. He often shares music-related videos of himself on social media.

Bolt recently took to Twitter to announce the release of his new song, which is in collaboration with Jah Zeal and is called "More Alcohol."

"Everybody know what we doing tonight," he tweeted.

His other known work in the field of music includes his debut album "County Yutes" and "Winning is a Must".

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