Government’s prompt clearance to Sindhu’s request for advanced recovery system will certainly help her, says father PV Ramana

PV Sindhu with her father PV Ramana
PV Sindhu with her father PV Ramana

PV Sindhu is determined to become the first Indian female athlete to win an Olympic medal in successive Games. To secure another podium finish, Sindhu is ensuring everything goes according to her plans for the Tokyo Olympics.

Besides practicing at the Gachibowli Stadium to get used to the bigger indoor hall in Tokyo, Sindhu is also making sure that she gets the best recovery system in place.

Sindhu’s quest to be in the best physical shape when taking the court each time in Tokyo received a shot in the arm on Friday. The Rio Olympics silver medalist’s request to buy advanced recovery equipment was approved by the Government within 24 hours.

Sindhu has requested the Sports Authority of India (SAI) through the Badminton Association of India (BAI) for the latest technological support.

“I am happy that it did not take even a day for the Sports Authority of India to approve my request for the recovery system. The clearance was really quick, and I will be able to place an order and procure it in time to take it with me to the Olympic Games,” Sindhu said on Friday.

The reigning world champion was speaking after receiving administrative sanctions to procure the Game Ready recovery system.

The system circulates ice water and delivers intermittent compression through specific wraps for an athlete’s legs, arms, back and shoulders. It helps reduce an athlete’s pain, spasm and swelling by cooling the affected areas. The compression stimulates the flow of oxygenated blood.

“It will help me immensely after each long training session or match as it is a portable cold and compression recovery system,” said Sindhu.

This system is rated better than conventional Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation methods of recovery.

“Sometimes one gets exhausted and experiences stiffness after matches. This will help in a quick and systematic recovery,” added the 25-year-old.

Sindhu will be able to procure the system in 3-4 days, says father PV Ramana

Sindhu’s father PV Ramana was delighted with Friday’s development. He said it will definitely assist Sindhu in a big way.

In an exclusive chat with Sportskeeda, PV Ramana explained how the new recovery machine will help the ace shuttler. He said:

“After the approval from the government, we will now place the order. The support system is coming from Mumbai and we are expecting it to reach Hyderabad latest by Tuesday. She will use the new system as part of her preparations for the Olympics. It is portable so she can carry it to Tokyo during the Olympics."

Ramana, a former Indian volleyball player, said Sindhu put in a lot of effort during her daily regime and needs something special for recovery. He said:

“Sindhu likes to train hard on the court and in the gym. Sometimes it is difficult for her to recover fully from the strenuous work. Badminton puts lot of pressure on your shoulders, wrists, ankle, knees and calf muscles. Besides regular massage you need some technological equipment for a proper recovery. I am sure this new advanced recovery system will be quite effective for her during training as well as during tournaments."

He thanked the authorities for their constant support and encouragement and said:

“I am really thankful to the SAI and BAI for their continuous support. Sportspeople always need encouragement from the association and ministry for their progress. I am confident that Sindhu will make the most of it and bring glory to the nation."

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