"Filed for restraining order to damage me to get revenge on Mike Clevinger" - Trevor Bauer on accuser Lindsey Hill's alleged motive for request

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Trevor Bauer shared the alleged motive behind Lindsey Hill's restraining order

Diablos Rojos del Mexico's ace RHP Trevor Bauer has made some bold claims about his accuser Lindsey Hill's alleged motive for filing a restraining order against him in June 2021.

One fan commented on a post by Bauer on X, formerly Twitter, stating that Bauer was the one to sue Hill and that Lindsey Hill only counter-sued him. The fan added that she just wanted a restraining order.

Trevor Bauer responded by alleging that Lindsey Hill's motive for requesting the restraining order from the former 2020 NL Cy Young Award winner was something else.

"Hill didn’t even want or need a restraining order and we have a video of her saying exactly that," he wrote. "She wanted money the entire time. The only reason she ever filed for a restraining order was to damage me to get revenge on Mike Clevinger. And I know that cuz she tweeted it herself."

Trevor Bauer went on to add:

"We have infinite texts directly from her that proves that as well. Evidence her and her lawyers hid from me that proves my innocence. Which is why I sued her. To get access to that information to clear my name. Once I had it, there was no reason to continue the lawsuit because she had zero money. I would’ve won the lawsuit, gotten awarded damages, and never seen a cent because she was living off government funds anyway."

Trevor Bauer also shed light on why he had decided that it wasn't fruitful to continue pursuing the case against Lindsey Hill. He wrote:

"Meanwhile I would’ve been stuck paying my own legal bills for a year or two more and would’ve had 0 chance of playing in the big leagues while that case was going on, so there was literally 0 reason to continue the case, especially because anyone with even half a brain can look at all the evidence that’s out and come to the conclusion that the whole thing was a lie from the beginning. Including every big league team we’ve spoken to that says they know the whole thing was b***s**t from the beginning and that I didn’t do any of the things I was accused of."

Trevor Bauer and Lindsey Hill's lawsuits were settled in 2023 but the pitcher still has no suitors in the MLB

Trevor Bauer's defamation case against Lindsey Hill and Hill's counter-suing case were both settled in 2023. No money changed hands as both parties moved on with their lives.

But the case tarnished the image of the former Cy Young Award winner with the Cincinnati Reds, and to this day, he has no suitors in the MLB.

While Bauer keeps excelling in the LMB, he is still hopeful for a return to the major leagues in the future.

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