"He might have the best ears in the world" - MLB writer takes sarcastic jibe at Hunter Wendelstedt after Aaron Boone's ejection

MLB writer takes sarcastic jibe at Hunter Wendelstedt
MLB writer takes sarcastic jibe at Hunter Wendelstedt

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone's ejection from the game against the Oakland Athletics has been the hot topic since the last day. People are shocked and disappointed by the poor call made by the veteran home plate umpire Hunter Wendelstedt, and many even have publicly criticized this decision.

Journalist Chris Kirschner is the latest name added to the list of people who have taken a sarcastic dig at the veteran umpire for his erroneous call against Boone.

"It's an egregious decision to eject someone for nothing," Kirschner said. "I mean when Hunter was asked after the game, he said that he heard a cheap shot from the Yankees' dugout, but on the far end of the Yankees dugout. He might have the best ears in the world because I don't know how the hell anybody could hear the far end of the dugout when Boone is on the other far end of it, and it makes no sense to me.
"I mean, cause if you watch the video and shots of the YES network cameras and audio team, they did a hell of a job, just capturing all this."

Boone hasn't walked back from voicing his frustration over this improbable ejection, either. In the post-game interview, Boone expressed disappointment over Hunter's call to eject him when he didn't even do anything.

"It's embarrassing," Boone said. "That really is bad. I really didn't even go after Hunter. He was more upset that you know, on appeal and I said, 'Hunter, you can call it, too,' and he came back at me pretty hard to watch. I didn't respond. I just said, 'OK,' went down.”

Hunter Wendelstedt doubles down on his decision to eject Aaron Boone from game vs. A's

Home plate umpire Hunter Wendelstedt spoke about his decision to eject Aaron Boone from the team's Monday matchup against A's at the Yankees Stadium.

Even though he has been facing much criticism for his decision, he is still backing it.

"Aaron Boone is the manager of the New York Yankees and is responsible for everything that happens in that dugout," Wendelstedt said (h/t The Athletic). "I don’t want to eject a ballplayer. We need to keep them in the game. That’s what the fans pay to see. Aaron Boone runs the Yankees. He got ejected."

Overall, yesterday wasn't favorable for the Yankees. Apart from losing their manager from the dugout at the initial stage of the game, they also lost the game 2-0 against the A's.

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