“He’s unfairly the poster child or face of bad umpiring” – Yankees manager Aaron Boone says treatment of Angel Hernandez has been unjust at times

Aaron Boone believes that the criticism of Angel Hernandez has gone too far at times
Aaron Boone believes that the criticism of Angel Hernandez has gone too far at times

The MLB community celebrated and put all rivalries aside after polarizing umpire Angel Hernandez announced that he would be retiring from the MLB. The 62-year-old from Havana, Cuba, made the announcement on Monday after reaching a final settlement with the MLB.

"Angel Hernandez is retiring from MLB There wasn't a SINGLE compliment given to this man when he announced his retirement #PMSLive" - @PatMcAfeeShow

After over 30 years as a major league umpire, Angel Hernandez decided to hang them up and call it a career. The polarizing official said that he's looking forward to spending time with his family while also sharing his appreciation for his time in the MLB and the relationships he forged.

Unfortunately for Hernandez, his retirement announcement was met with a celebration of his removal from calling baseball games as opposed to honoring his career. That's something that bothers New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone who believes that the treatment of Hernandez has been too harsh at times.

"Aaron Boone says Angel Hernandez has unfairly been made the face of bad umpiring" - @TalkinBaseball_
“He’s unfairly the poster child or face of bad umpiring," the New York Yankees manager shared in a recent interview with Talkin' Baseball. "There's worse umpires out there. ... I feel like there's some things that are a little unfairly attributed to him," Aaron Boone continued.

Even though Aaron Boone defended Hernandez by saying that he believed that there were other umpires who were worse than him, he saiid that some of the backlash was deserved.

"Look, he's a lot of it or whatever, but at the end of the day, he's a really good dude," Boone continued.

Angel Hernandez's umpiring abilities have been scrutinized throughout his career

Even though some of Angel Hernandez's worst MLB calls have been shared online following his retirement announcement, he has been criticized by players and coaches throughout his career.

Hernandez has been at the forefront of many polarizing calls that led to outbursts from players.

"That time CC was brutally honest about Angel Hernandez" - @TalkinYanks

Some of his most iconic moments involved the likes of Kyle Schwarber, Mike Piazza and CC Sabathia, who shared choice words for the umpire. Sabathia, in particular, was not one to shy away from his feelings for Hernandez, calling him "terrible" on many occasions.

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