"I'm convinced it's the beards" "The evidence is sorta stacked against the Yankees coaches right now" - New York Yankees fans in a funk as Andrew Heaney and others continue to thrive in LA

Cincinnati Reds v Los Angeles Dodgers
Cincinnati Reds v Los Angeles Dodgers

As the New York Yankees continue to slide, players like Andrew Heaney continue to find success on their new teams. This has been a running trend since the Yankees got rid of players who underperformed for them.

Another ex-Yankee just thriving out in LA

Heaney was a trade deadline acquisition for the New York Yankees last season from the Los Angeles Angels. When he came to New York, however, he was a complete flop. In 12 games pitched with the Yanks, Heaney was 2-2 with an embarrasingly high 7.32 ERA.

Andrew Heaney was looked at as a scapegoat for New York in the 2021 season, and did not re-sign with the team. Rather, Heaney sealed a deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers, where he is currently tearing it up. Through nine appearances in Los Angeles, Heaney is 2-1 with a 1.94 ERA and 62 strikeouts in 41.2 innings pitched.

@TalkinBaseball_ I’m glad Hean dawg found himself. LA is so free. So many opportunities to express yourself
@TalkinBaseball_ Dodgers coaches flexing on the Yankees coaches, apparently

Although this is a small sample size, it is safe to say that this is miles better than his performance with New York. The Los Angeles Dodgers also have the best record in baseball currently, so it is not like these are empty stats.

@TalkinBaseball_ In the Dodgers Hicks would be a 30/30 guy, IKF a gold glove and Donaldson would have the best plate discipline in the majors
@TalkinBaseball_ The evidence is sorta stacked against the Yankees coaches right now

This is not the only example of players finding success after leaving the Yankees. Joey Gallo, who was nototorious for flopping with New York, is now playing great for the Dodgers. Another example is left-handed pitcher Jordan Montgomery, who has been lockdown since being dealt to the St. Louis Cardinals.

@TalkinBaseball_ Some players just don’t perform well when they’re in New York. Been that way for years. Especially when they struggle to start off. It’s hard to recover from that. Media pressure and fans can be too much for some to handle. Not the same in every city.

Many fans are wondering why this is happening to the New York Yankees. Most believe it is because some players simply cannot handle the pressure of playing in New York. However, some believe the Yankees' no-beard policy might have something to do with it.

@TalkinBaseball_ I'm convinced it's the beards. I'm sick of that Yankees rule. It's archaic.
@TalkinBaseball_ it's the BEARD let these men grow their BEARDS

Regardless what it is, the New York Yankees are falling fast. Despite winning two games against the New York Mets, the Yankees have not been the same since the All-Star break.

What is wrong with the New York Yankees?

Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees
Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees

Since the August 2 trade deadline, the Yankees have just a 6-14 record, which includes multiple losing streaks. They have won just one series in this span, and their lead in the American League East is shrinking.

@TalkinBaseball_ it may be time to accept that it may just be a problem with the yankees, not the players scapegoted by the yankees

Part of this is due to their recent trade pieces not working out for them. Both Andrew Benintendi and Frankie Montas have vastly underperformed since coming to New York. Overall, morale appears low in the Yankees dugout. Hopefully, they can turn this around.

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