"It's what drives me every day" - Angels superstar Mike Trout says playoff drought motivates him to push all season

Mike Trout says the Angels postseason drought motivates him to give it his all every day he steps on the field
Mike Trout says the Angels postseason drought motivates him to give it his all every day he steps on the field

It's difficult to argue against Mike Trout being one of the best players of his generation. The long-time Los Angeles Angels superstar has been a true five-tool player since his MLB debut as a full-time player back in 2012 (he appeared in 40 games in 2011).

However, when it comes to the all-time legacy of Mike Trout, his lack of not only playoff success, but playoff appearance has been a major blemish on his incredible career. During his 14-year MLB career, the Los Angeles Angels have only reached the postseason once, something that is difficult to believe given Trout's individual accomplishments.

"Mike Trout has dealt with injuries the last few seasons. He’s 32 now. He no longer has Shohei Ohtani in his lineup. But the fire still burns for him to be the best on the field and get the Angels to the playoffs. My Q&A with Trout for @sportskeeda_mlb" - @danconnolly2016

The well-documented playoff drought is something that the three-MVP himself has said motivates him. In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda, Trout explained how the lack of postseason appearances is something that bothers him and motivates him to do everything possible to help the club win.

"It's what drives me every day," - Trout explained, stating that it pushes him to help the team succeed in any way. In the most simple way to put it, Trout said "Winning is fun and losing sucks," a sentiment shared by athletes across the globe.

Mike Trout has been incredible to start the 2024 season for the Angels

It remains to be seen if the Los Angeles Angels will reach the postseason in 2024, however, Mike Trout is staying true to his word by opening the 2024 campaign on a hot streak. Through the 4 games that the Angels have played this season, Trout has racked up 3 home runs, 3 RBIs, and a .286 batting average.

"Mike Trout hit two MASSIVE homers last night, including this 473-ft. blast (MLBStats x @GoogleCloud)" - @MLBStats

The fact that all 3 of Trout's home runs were solo shots proves that he will undoubtedly need help from the rest of the squad if they have any hopes of breaking Trout's postseason drought.

Currently, the Los Angeles Angels sit 3rd in the American League West with a 2-2 record ahead of both the Oakland Athletics and Houston Astros. The Angels will be back in action Tuesday night against the Miami Marlins and looking to keep adding to the win column early in the year.

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