MLB analyst touts Rangers ace Jordan Montgomery as league's top hidden gem: "The most underrated pitcher in baseball this year"

Jordan Montgomery of the Texas Rangers
Jordan Montgomery of the Texas Rangers

The 2023 season has been a mad one for starting pitcher Jordan Montgomery. The 6-foot-6 left-hander has pitched for one of the league's best clubs, as well as one of MLB's biggest disapointments.

Despite facing upheaval, Montgomery has been consistent all season. He's also projected to make more appearances than in any other season in his seven-year career.

A 2017 Rookie of the Year contender with the New York Yankees, Mongomery began the 2023 season with the St. Louis Cardinals. Before that, he spent the first six seasons pitching in the Bronx before being involved in the trade that brought Harrison Bader to the Yankees last season.

On Jul. 30, Montgomery was dealt to the Texas Rangers alongside Chris Strattan for John King, Tekoah Roby and Thomas Sargesse.

Since making the move to the Texas Rangers, Montgomery has been even more solid. In 10 starts, the 30-year old has pitched to a 2.92 ERA, striking out 53 over 61 innings. His ERA value is .50 points lower than it was in 21 starts with the Cardinals earlier this year.

On the Barstool Baseball Podcast, insider Chris Castellani commended Jordan Montgomery for his performances this season. While the left-hander has never been an All-Star, Castellani reckons he's a hidden talent in the league:

"I gotta say man the most underrated pitcher in baseball this year is Jordan Montgomery has been great."

With a record of 87-68, the Rangers enjoy a two game lead over the Houston Astros in the AL West. If they can find a way to break even in the last week of the season, they will lay claim to the AL West divisional title for the first time since 2016.

Jordan Montgomery will be an ace up his team's sleeve in the postseason

With the injury of Max Scherzer, the Rangers pitchers need to step up to exceed expectations. While Montgomery has playoff experience stemming from his days with the New York Yankees and Cardinals, it's not extensive.

Alongside other young aces on Texas' rotation, the onus will fall on Mongomery and Co. to ensure that glory is brought to the Lone Star State, albeit this time in a purple, rather than orange, jersey.

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