New York Yankees fans rip into umps after overturned call leads to their manager’s ejection: “The umpires need to be suspended for 2 games”

New York Yankees v Cleveland Guardians
New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone was ejected after a strange series of events in Cleveland

The New York Yankees are in Cleveland to finish off the rubbermatch of a three-game set against the Cleveland Guardians. After both teams exchanged wins, the Yankees are keen to pick up a victory as they continue to slump down the AL East table.

In the first inning of play, Guardians hitter Josh Naylor hit a ball to center field. Aaron Hicks, who is appearing in just his sixth game of the season, tracked the ball well and executed an impressive diving snag, and Naylor was awarded a sac-fly.

However, as the play was shown on the scoreboard at Progressive Field, fans as well as the umpire crew noticed that the ball slipped out of Hicks' glove and touched the ground.

"The Guardians didn't challenge the play, they showed it on the scoreboard and it clearly wasn't a catch so the umpires just decided to ignore the rules and let the Guardians challenge anyway lmfao" - Gabe

According to MLB standards, the only plays that can be overturned without an official review is a home run or a double that appears to be a home run. The umpires, however, overturned the ruling without a review.

The overturned call resulted in an RBI single for Josh Naylor, and the Guardians tacked on another in the first to make it 2-0 in their favor.

Furthermore, a new rule that has only been commissioned this season gives managers a 15-second window to challenge. If that period of time elapses without a challenge, the manager is out of luck.

Understandably, New York Yankees fans are livid about this rather blatant breach of MLB rules. Some have even suggested that the MLB is behind the Cleveland Guardians, the youngest team in the league.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone was ejected for arguing the overturning. Although the right call may have been made in the end, the umpires clearly did not have grounds to overturn the original call.

The Guardians are currently leading the New York Yankees by a score of 3-2 in the fifth inning. Following the series, the Yankees will return home to play host to the Minnesota Twins in a weekend series.

The New York Yankees have good reason to be upset at this one

Whether or not the call that was made is correct, there needs to be a proper channel for overturning botched calls. If umpires can arbitrarily enact and redact calls based on the mood in the stadium, then they are going against their very raison d'etre.

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Edited by Rajdeep Barman