"These types of players don’t exist" - Juan Soto's agent Scott Boras touts star's immense value amid Yankees' payroll concerns

Super agent Scott Boras reflects on Juan Soto
Super agent Scott Boras reflects on Juan Soto's immense value

The New York Yankees are currently one of the most dominant sides of MLB this season. And one of the main reasons behind this breeze of fresh air around their clubhouse is the addition of Juan Soto.

The 25-year-old slugger has boosted the clubhouse with his fearless hitting and sensational gameplay. So far this season Soto has played 56 games and in 215 at-bats, the Dominican Republic star has a batting average of .312, with an OPS of .989, and has hit 15 home runs and 46 RBIs.

The team and its loyal fans are all very happy with the ex-Padres star's performance so far this season and hope that he continues with them for many more years. His contract, however, is set to expire in the next year and he will be entering free agency if both parties don't mutually agree on an extension.

Earlier, it was rumored that the Yankees were preparing a mega-offer to keep Soto in New York. However, now after the team's owner Hal Steinbrenner's recent hints of a possible reduction in the team's payroll in the near future, the thought of the Yanks extending Soto seems a bit far-fetched to many.

The three-time All-Star's agent, Scott Boras, has recently called Soto a 'centurion player' and reflected on how he is immensely valuable for any team who is thinking of heavily investing in the star. The super agent has suggested that even though his asking price could be steep, players like Soto maximize the value of any franchise.

"When you represent players who I call ‘centurions’ where you can say that they will be among the top 100 players to ever play this game, when you represent them you don’t worry about the cost of them for a franchise because they increase the franchise value of the team. The only cost is what it costs to build the monument.
"Centurion players add literally millions and millions of dollars to a franchise’s value. Particularly at his age when you look at what we call in the industry 'surplus value' and what it means for teams, the opportunity for an investment like this comes along in an owner’s career very rarely. These types of players don’t exist.”

There is still quite some time left before the player becomes available on the market. But, the Yanks have to act quickly and efficiently to try to lure Soto to stay put with the Yankees for years to come.

If they do, it would be a massive offer, as there have been rumors that Soto, if chooses to test his free agency, could get deals on the table that could exceed $500 million.

Juan Soto keeps doors open for interested parties during upcoming free-agency

Juan Soto is performing at the top-most level this season with the Yankees. However, his fun ride with the team might come to an end just after a year of joining the Brox Bombers as his contract is set to end in 2025. However, with the current payroll concerns surrounding the Yankees' clubhouse, it seems a possibility that the star could well leave the team next season as a free agent.

Soto, himself, has denied flunking off any possibilities and has kept his doors open for all the teams who wish to bid for his services during his upcoming free agency.

"We're going to be open to listening to anybody and everybody. We're not closing any doors. Whoever wants to talk about a deal, I'm open" - Juan Soto said.

The clock seems to be ticking for the Yanks, they will surely do whatever it takes to keep Soto at the club, especially after the star's spectacular performance he showed in just six months as a Yankee. It remains to be seen if the team's front office finds a way to hold on to this generational talent or if it will it be a goodbye at the end of the season.

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