"Trout plays the game the right way" "Trout is the goat" - MLB Twitter applauds Los Angeles Angels Mike Trout gifting a young kid with a signed bat in exchange for the home run ball

Los Angeles Angels v Cleveland Guardians
Los Angeles Angels v Cleveland Guardians

Los Angeles Angels superstar Mike Trout was playing against the Cleveland Guardians at Progressive Field when he broke an Angels record. He hit a home run in his seventh game in a row, and the ball went into the Progressive Field stands. An eleven-year-old kid caught the ball in the stands, and in exchange for the ball, he got to meet Trout and get an autographed bat.

Talk about a great present!Yesterday on his 11th birthday, this young Guardians fan ended up with Mike Trout's home run ball, and he traded it for a meeting with Trout and one of his bats after the game.

It is unusual for a Major League Baseball club to request a home run ball to be returned. Since this home run broke the record, however, it is likely that either the Angels wanted it for their stadium, or Trout wanted it for himself. It is never mandatory to give the ball back, but it is highly recommended and the compensated reward is worth more than the ball itself.

@MLB Did Trout sign that bat? A meeting is nice and all, but if he was going to give him a bat, he could at least sign it for him.
@brownsjuh @MLB Mike broke the Angels record for consecutive games with a HR (7). He had a chance to tie the MLB record tonight but came up short.
Some of these Guys really do earn their $…

In this case, the child's reward was indeed worth it. They got to meet Mike Trout in person, and Trout gave them a game-used autographed bat. For an eleven-year-old child, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Many wish to meet the best players of this generation in person.

@MLB Mike Trout plays the game the right way and he treats people the way they should be treated

However, some fans argued that the child should have kept the baseball. They refrenced how Albert Pujols let the fans keep his 697th home run ball that passed Alex Rodriguez.

@MLB Nice, but Trout has hit plenty of dingers. He could’ve give the ball back with an autograph too.
@MLB Great for Trout, ripped the kid off.
hmm Pujols told the fan that caught his 697th HR to keep it, along with two autographed balls. now that’s class.…

Regardless, getting to catch a home run ball hit by Mike Trout and then meeting him after is a great experience. Trout is truly one of the greatest baseball players in the league. Let's take a look into Trout's lustrious career in Major League Baseball.

Mike Trout makes a case for the greatest baseball player of all time

Los Angeles Angels v Cleveland Guardians
Los Angeles Angels v Cleveland Guardians

Since entering the league back in 2011, Mike Trout has simply dominated the competition. In his 12 year career, Trout has a slashline of .303/.415/.586, totaling up to 1.002 OPS, which is the highest among active players. He also has 288 doubles, 345 home runs, and 885 RBI's in this span.

Trout is the 🐐@KennySledge @dclynick66…

His efforts throughout his career have earned him 10 trips to the All-Star game and eight Silver Slugger awards. He has also won the American League MVP three different times: in 2014, 2016, and most recently in 2019.


If Trout did not get injured earlier this season, he could be in the running again for MVP. Despite being injured, Trout still has 35 home runs, 20 doubles, and 69 RBI's in 101 games. During this time, he has also put up a slashline of .277/.367/.628, which is beyond impressive.

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