"Want a more exaggerated sword motion" - Trevor Bauer gives blessing to youth prospect who borrows ex-Dodgers pitcher's signature celebration

Trevor Bauer weighed in on a video of a youth baseball player trying out his signature celebration
Trevor Bauer weighed in on a video of a youth baseball player trying out his signature celebration

Although it has been three years since Trevor Bauer's last pitch in MLB, the star pitcher's signature gestures and one-of-a-persona endures in the minds of players everywhere. Recently, Bauer weighed in on a video of a youth player using the sword gesture.

On June 12, retired MLB player and social media personality uploaded a video of a select prospects pitcher using Bauer's sword strikeout. While he was in MLB, Bauer would often denote a checked-swing strikeout with by wielding an imaginary sword. Soon, the gesture caught on with aspirant pitchers everywhere.

"Perfectly fine with me. I just want a more exaggerated sword motion. Higher glove raise maybe. This is competition. A one on one battle with the hitter. This isn’t some fluffy we all like each other so much friendship thing. You can respect each other as competitors and off the field you can be friends, but on the field it’s war. Just don’t get mad when it comes back your way" - BauerOutage

In response to the video, Trevor Bauer appeared to praise the use of his sword, even going as far to say, "I just want a more exaggerated sword motion." Since the beginning of the season, Bauer has been pitching for the Diablos Rojos del Mexico, where he boasts a 7-0 record and 1.53 ERA in nine starts.

Mere months after he inked a three-year, $102 million contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers, some heinous allegations surfaced against Bauer. Though the 33 year-old was never charged in relation to the sexual assault claims levied against him in June 2021, he was subsequently banned for 194 games, and spent last season playing for Japan's Yokohama Bay Stars before deciding to enter the Mexican League.

"But the America media still wants you to believe my teammates hate me and think my sword celebration is racist…" - Bauer Outage

Trevor Bauer continues his quest for an MLB contract

In a recent upload on X, Bauer depicted himself grabbing a Houston Astros cap off of a shelf, inciting rumors that a possible MLB deal could be imminent. In recent months and weeks, Trevor Bauer has embarked on a campaign to clear his name, even referencing Shohei Ohtani's scandal involving his interpreter, Ippei Mizuhara:

"What about my case, where I also was never charged with anything, and where I’m also the victim of fraud? Why am I not allowed to go back to playing?" - Trevor Bauer via X

Though no news of a contract has yet arrived, Bauer can take solace in the fact that memories of his eventful time in MLB continues to live on in the minds of fans.

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Edited by Adrian Dorney
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