Watch: Dodgers fans rain 'sell the team' chants during the game vs Oakland A's 

Dodgers and Athletics fans unite to chant "sell the team" during game between the two teams
Dodgers and Athletics fans unite to chant "sell the team" during game between the two teams

Los Angeles Dodgers fans decided to join hands with Oakland Athletics fans and chant “sell the team” at Dodger Stadium during Tuesday’s game.

The Dodgers won the game 7-3 in the end but stood in solidarity with A's fans.

Previously, the San Francisco Giants and the Colorado Rockies were seen joining hands with the Oakland faithful, uniting with them during these hard times.

The Oakland Athletics are currently one of the worst teams in the league, and owner John Fisher isn’t doing much to change that. Instead of improving the plight of the team, he is seemingly focused on moving the team to Las Vegas.

The relocation ordeal undoubtedly does not sit well with Oakland Athletics fans. For a team that has been based in Oakland ever since 1968, relocating base to Las Vegas seems like a major blow to fans.

Currently, A’s fans are taking to roads and social media for protest, chanting “sell the team” and using “#SellTheTeam” hashtags on the internet. Fans are also urging opponent teams to join with them and try to help them save their team from relocating.

MLB fans took to social media, urging Dodgers fans to unite with them in chanting “sell the team” during their game. The chants were subsequently rained down from the stadium during the fifth innings.

Talkin’ Baseball posted a video of the “sell the team” chants being made:

“Dodgers and A’s fans joined together for “SELL THE TEAM” chants in LA tonight”.

Why are Dodgers fans supporting Athletics fans?

Under the ownership of Frank McCourt, the Los Angeles Dodgers suffered thoroughly as the owner almost ended up making the worst out of the team.

Dodgers fans are well aware of what poor ownership can do to an MLB team. Hence, they stood in unison with A’s fans and helped them in chanting “sell the team”.

While it seems unlikely that any move away from Oakland will be derailed as of now, the unity shown by baseball fans across the country in support of the A's supporters is a sight to behold.

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