WATCH: Massachusetts Little League baseball team makes Pennsylvania look silly with a rare quadruple play

The 2022 LLWS is now underway in Williamsport, PA
The 2022 LLWS is now underway in Williamsport, PA

During the Little League World Series game between New England and Mid Atlantic, a very confusing play happened. In the fifth inning, New England turned a 'quadruple play.'

you ever see a quadruple play before?
you ever see a quadruple play before?" - Jomboy Media

Yes, you heard that correctly; team New England technically turned a quadruple play. Although there are only three outs in each inning, New England has found a way to "turn four" in this baseball game.

The quadruple-play started with the batter hitting the baseball into left-center field, where the left fielder made an epic diving catch for the first out. The left fielder then relays the ball to home plate, where the catcher tagged the runner for the second out.

This is where things begin to get odd for the Mid Atlantic team. For some reason, there are two runners stranded at first base. They attempted to run for second, where the second basemen tagged them for the third and 'fourth' out.

The reason for this confusion was due to the batter who hit the ball still rounding the bases. It is possible that the batter did not know that the left fielder had caught the ball and that is why he kept running. Keep in mind that these kids are still in Little League, and it could have easily been as simple as a mistake.

Nevertheless, the execution of the play on the defensive end was very impressive from these kids. Although aged 11-13, these kids show a lot of talent, and it looks as though the future of baseball is in good hands.

Pennsylvania holds off Massachusetts #LLWS
"Pennsylvania holds off Massachusetts" - Little League

Even after that huge debacle of a play, Mid Atlantic wound up beating New England 7-5. New England is now officially eliminated, and Mid Atlantic will now have to fight in the loser bracket for a shot at the championship. Let's take a look at the upcoming games in the 2022 LLWS.

The current outlook of the 2022 Little League World Series

The remaining bracket for the 2022 LLWS
The remaining bracket for the 2022 LLWS

As of right now, we are currently halfway through the tournament with 20 more games to be played. The bracket is split into two, with the top being the winners bracket and the bottom being the emimination bracket. If teams on the top lose, they will be sent to the elimination bracket.

Little Leaguers🤝Big Leaguers#LLWS
"Little Leaguers: Big leaguers" - Little League

All 2022 LLWS games will be televised on ESPN, ESPN 2, or ABC from Williamsport, PA.

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