What happened to Davey Martinez? Nationals manager’s emotional outburst leads to ejection

Washington Nationals manager Davey Martinez was ejected during Thursday
Washington Nationals manager Davey Martinez was ejected during Thursday's game

Washington National's manager Davey Martinez seemingly has set out on a personal crusade against the MLB umpires. During Thursday's matchup between the Washington Nationals and Arizona Diamondbacks, Martinez and home plate umpire Doug Eddings engaged in a shouting match regarding Eddings' strikezone.

The tension between both parties began after Eddings made a questionable strikeout call of Nationals' shortstop CJ Abrams in the bottom of the fourth inning. Davey Martinez and the Washington dugout were ticked off at the CJ Abrams strikeout, with the ball clearly being well below the strikezone.

"CJ Abrams just struck out looking for the third time today. The first and third were strikes. The second was not, leading to Davey Martinez's ejection. Riley Adams was called out on ball well outside the strike zone two batter earlier, too." - @Bobby_Blanco

The heat carried over into the top of the fifth inning, with Martinez and Eddings getting into a verbal altercation after a missed throw by Washington pitcher Jake Irvin. Umpire Doug Eddings heard a comment from the dugout that he didn't like, which resulted in a shouting match between him and Martinez.

Knowing all well that the argument would lead to the Washington manager's ejection from the game, Martinez chose to get his money's worth in a rather animated fashion. The 58-year-old strongly voiced his displeasure in Eddings' face before fanning the strikezone and laying flat on the ground behind home plate.

"This starts with incredible hot mics and continues with Davey Martinez laying flat on the dirt" - @JomboyMedia

This is Davey Martinez's second run-in with umpires this week

The soon-to-be iconic ejection during Thursday's game against the Arizona Diamondbacks was not the first time that Martinez took issue with the MLB's umpires.

On Wednesday, June 14, Martinez took issue with the umpires following a walk-off loss to the Houston Astros, and he had the evidence to prove it. On the game-winning play, Martinez felt that Jake Meyers was obstructing the throwing lane to first baseman Michael Chavis.

"Davey Martinez was so mad after tonight’s loss he printed out a picture of the umpires missed call" - @TalkinBaseball_

This supposed obstruction led to a missed throw, allowing former NL MVP Jose Abreu to score on the play, handing the victory to the Houston Astros. During the press conference after the game, Martinez printed off a photo of the play in question, pointing out that Meyers was not running on the base path, indeed blocking the view of Chavis.

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