Whose image is believed to be depicted in the MLB logo? 

Oakland Athletics v Los Angeles Angels
Oakland Athletics v Los Angeles Angels

The MLB logo may be one of the most recognizable graphics in all of sport. Indeed, it is right up there with the NFL shield and the lion of the English Premier League in terms of global sports icons.

The image depicts the silhouette of a player with a bat, eyeing an approaching ball, along with distinct dark blue and red colors on either side of the silhouetted baseball player.

A popular urban myth states that the logo is meant to depict the 1960s and 1970s Minnesota Twins star, Harmon Killebrew, although this has never been confirmed. The ambiguous silhouette is not meant to be a specific player. This is evidenced by the graphic design not even disclosing if the hitter is a right or left-handed batter.

New MLB logo just dropped
"New MLB logo just dropped" - @ Talkin Yanks

Before 1960, the MLB had no logo. In 1960, the league came out with a design that featured a red, white and blue flag with the recognizable shape of a baseball fitted in the middle.

In 1968, the league decided to overhaul its logo and create something that was slightly more tasteful and encapsulated the game in a subtle yet iconic way. The task landed with American graphic designer Jerry Dior.

Dior apparently came up with the logo after spending a single afternoon exploring different designs in his studio. Apart from his work with Major League Baseball, Dior also helped design logos for large corporations such as Kellogg's and Nabisco.

There’s no better time of the year than when the MLB Postseason logo is painted on the MMP field. #LevelUp
"There’s no better time of the year than when the MLB Postseason logo is painted on the MMP field." - @2X WORLD SERIES CHAMP COCKY

Since the inception of the MLB logo, several sports franchises have gained inspiration for their own logo.

The most notable case is the NBA logo, which was designed in 1969. Alan Siegel, the man responsible for the NBA logo, basically swapped the baseball silhouette for that of a basketball player, citing his desire for a partnership between the two leagues.

The MLB logo continues to be one of the most recognizable

Along with the New York Yankees logo, the league's icon is one of the most identifiable logos globally. It is featured on every field and every single baseball commissioned by the league. Tampa Bay Rays player Wander Franco even has a tattoo of it on his neck.

While we may not know exactly who the silhouette is of, it has become a timeless depiction of the game we all love.

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