“No lie this would motivate the living f**k out of me” "Peak male performance" - New York Mets fans inspired by 270-lb Daniel Vogelbach’s speed around bases to head home, denoted among top male performers

Daniel Vogelbach was recently acquired by the New York Mets.
Daniel Vogelbach was recently acquired by the New York Mets.

Recent New York Mets trade deadline acquisition Daniel Vogelbach has been making headlines for his performance with the Mets. The Mets got Vogelbach from the Pittsburgh Pirates on July 22, and he has been outstanding since then.

Vogelbach is not a small dude, and he has power behind his bat. Players his size are not really known for their speed. However, Vogelbach is pretty quick on the base path.

@TalkinBaseball_ Dude honestly has some wheels for his size especially once he gets going.
@TalkinBaseball_ He's gonna lose weight playing for the Mets
Billy, this is Daniel Vogelbach. He’s a first baseman. He is one of the most underrated players in baseball. His only defect is that he’s so fast that it looks like he’s running in slow motion.

In the clip above, Daniel Vogelbach ran from first all the way to home plate, which is really impressive. Many baseball fans were in the comments, unfortunately, were disrepectful and cracked jokes about his running form.

@TalkinBaseball_ I love how he slows down almost to a complete stop when rounding the bases
@not_dgribbs @TalkinBaseball_ No lie this would motivate the living fuck out of me

Outside of his running, Daniel Vogelbach is putting up some very impressive numbers for the New York Mets so far. Despite having played just 13 games, Vogelbach is batting .314 with an 1.021 OPS. He also already has two home runs, and one of them was a grand slam. He has been a great help for New York since arriving from Pittsburgh during the trade deadline.

@TalkinBaseball_ Peak male performance
@TalkinBaseball_ Vogelbach has been a revelation since joining the Mets.

Many were critical of the New York Mets' moves during the trade deadline. Rather than trading away prospects to get a big star, they acquired smaller pieces and did not give up much. However, it seems to really be working out, as they just took four of five from the National League East rival Atlanta Braves.

Daniel Vogelbach is one of many small moves that helped the Mets

Vogelbach and Alonso celebrate at the plate.
Vogelbach and Alonso celebrate at the plate.

The New York Mets made a few small moves to fix holes in their roster for this trade deadline. They first shipped off Colin Holderman to the Pirates in exchange for Daniel Vogelbach. They then acquired Tyler Naquin from the Cincinnati Reds for prospects. Then, they sent J.D. Davis to the San Francisco Giants for Darin Ruf. Finally, the Mets acquired Mychal Givens from the Chicago Cubs.

Although these players are far from superstars in the MLB, they can still greatly enhance the team. Since the August 2 trade deadline, the Mets are 6-2 and have extended their lead in the NL East to 6.5 games. Maybe this strategy of holding their major prospects will end up working out for them. It is going to be very interesting to see how these next two months play out for the New York Mets.

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