“This guy could sell red, white and blue to bin Laden” - NCAA analyst picks the next coach to take up the mantle from Mike Krzyzewski as he nears retirement

The spotlight is closing on the legendary Mike Krzyzewski and rising on a new legend.
The spotlight is closing on the legendary Mike Krzyzewski and rising on a new legend.
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The retirement tour for coach Mike Krzyzewski has been remarkable, but the legendary Duke Blue Devils' coach's NCAA career ending means the rise of a new top coach: Villanova's Jay Wright. ESPN's Dick Vitale and Post Gazzette's Ron Cook believe that Jay Wright is the new best head coach.

While many believe that Coach K is the greatest head coach of all time, his career will have to end eventually, which means a new top head coach will emerge. Once Mike Krzyzewski decided to retire at the end of the 2022 college basketball season, there would be a new best head coach going into the 2023 season.

Some believe that the new best head coach is the Villanova Wildcats' Jay Wright, who also has his team in the Sweet 16. Dick Vitale and Ron Cook are among the people who believe Jay Wright is the new best coach because of his NCAA tournament success.

Yes ⁦@RonCookPG⁩ with a very interesting column.Since Coach K the GOAT coach leaving who will be recognized as the New King of the sideline ? I agree with Ron & with 2 national titles my VBDI says ⁦@NovaMBB⁩ JAY WRIGHT is the right choice .…

Coach K's five NCAA national championships are still significantly more than Jay Wright's two national championships. But two national championships have placed him in elite company.

Among active coaches, Jay Wright and Coach K are the only two coaches with multiple NCAA national championships, depending on how someone evaluates Rick Pitino's vacated titles.

With Mike Krzyzewski's official retirement, Jay Wright is officially the most decorated coach in the league, so there is a strong argument for him to be the best coach. His ability to recruit and sell is just what puts him at the top of the coaching mountain.

What makes Mike Krzyzewski and Jay Wright's NCAA coaching so great?

Jay Wright proves himself to be among the elite head coaches in basketball.
Jay Wright proves himself to be among the elite head coaches in basketball.

Coach Mike Krzyzewski and coach Jay Wright are already two of the greatest coaches in college basketball because of their national championships, but their coaching is much deeper than that. The Ron Cook article that Dick Vitale shared explains what made Jay Wright so successful in the NCAA.

“The people skills were always there. He has this gift for interacting with people and making them feel as if they are the most important person on the planet. Players end up going to him for wisdom and support. It made him a strong recruiter.”

The NCAA’s ability to successfully recruit players and get them to buy into the system is vital to the team's success in the current season and the future. Mike Krzyzewski and Jay Wright excel at the fundamentals of game planning. They also excel at being good with people, which is why they also have a good relationship with one another.

.@ColinCowherd: What will you remember about Coach K?@VUCoachJWright: He's been an incredible winner and he's done it with class. He was my entree to @usabasketball... I've seen him win Olympics and NCAA championships. He's done it differently with each group

Coach Krzyzewski and coach Jay Wright view of the sport of college basketball is why they both have multiple tournament championships. While another coach could emerge with another championship this year, the two coaches are currently in a league of their own.

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