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NBA 2K20: Best archetypes in the game

NBA 2K20
NBA 2K20
Modified 18 Jan 2020, 07:54 IST
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With the NBA 2K20 demo being released almost a week ago now, 2K fans all over the world rushed to download it to get their first look at the brand new MyPlayer builder system.

With so many more possibilities and builds to choose from this year, it can get a little overwhelming making decisions on the build you want, and ultimately what build you want to grind with for the majority of the early stages of 2K20.

That's why you've come to this article, where we list the top archetype for each position that you need to build in 2K20 to become unbeatable.

Point Guard: Playmaking Shot Creator

Houston Rockets v Golden State Warriors - Game Four
Houston Rockets v Golden State Warriors - Game Four

Build Creation: Skill Breakdown - Playmaking/Shooting, Physical Profile - #1, Agility

Player Creation: Height - 6'5", Weight - 175 Pounds, Wingspan - 77.0 inches

Takeover: Spot-Up Shooter

Setting Your Potential:


When setting your potential for this build, it is recommended to max out all shooting and playmaking attributes, in order to allow you 22 and 23 badges on each respective skill.

Maxing these out, along with the above player creation, will allow you to be a knockdown shooter with 88 and 87 3pt and midrange rating respectively, while also keeping ball handling at 87, above the required 86 to allow speed boosting.

For defence/rebounding, you want to max out the following 5 sections: perimeter defence, lateral quickness, steal, block and defensive rebound. This will make you a well above average two-way guard as you have the speed and skills to stay in front of almost anybody.


As is the case with a majority of player creations this year in 2K20, the badges are vital to the success of a build. The wrong badge can take your player from a Steph Curry clone to a local junior league player in an instant. This build will allow you to get 55 badge upgrades, with 10 HOF badges, 4 golds, 1 silver and 1 bronze. The recommended badges are as follows:

HOF - Deadeye, Difficult shots, Flexible Release, Quick Draw, Range Extender, Ankle Breaker, Dimer, Handles for Days, Quick First Step, Space Creator

GOLD - Tight Handles, Clamps, Intimidator, Tireless Defender

Silver - Volume Shooter

Bronze - Showtime

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Published 04 Sep 2019, 12:19 IST
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