3 common mistakes to avoid in BGMI while pushing rank to Conqueror

Addressing mistakes to avoid them during rank push in BGMI (Image via Sportskeeda)
Addressing mistakes to avoid them during rank push in BGMI (Image via Sportskeeda)
Samarjit Paul

The introduction of a new season in BGMI results in the tiers getting reset. This paves the path for players to begin their journey of rank push. Since rank pushing involves grinding for days with sheer grit and determination, players must address the mistakes that most players make en route to the Conqueror tier.

Doing this will help them earn more points from each match which will eventually see them place themselves on the leaderboards.

3 most-common mistakes that BGMI rank pushers should avoid so they can reach Conqueror tier quickly

1) Stop playing with randoms


While a few random teammates have a good understanding of the game, most randoms create confusion and hamper the process of rank push. These randoms do not communicate and often wander off alone without helping the teammates during a fight.

Furthermore, they are more susceptible to making more mistakes. Therefore, rank pushers need to avoid playing with random teammates, which will otherwise hand them negative points.

2) Avoid taking drop fights


Drop fights in Battlegrounds Mobile India result in the early elimination of many rank pushers, disrupting their climb to the Conqueror tier. This happens due to the scarcity of proper loot with the teams.

In order to avoid drop fights, rank pushers should avoid dropping into hot-drops where multiple teams land to gather initial loot and engage in drop fights. They can instead land in those drop locations which are relatively less popular, but contain enough loot for a squad.

3) Avoid indulging in unnecessary fights


This advice is related to the popular words of Ocean Sharma where he says, "There are good fights and there are bad fights. Players must learn to differentiate between the two." it has to be kept in mind while pushing rank in BGMI that indulging in unnecessary fights will only hand players negative points.

While many rank pushers still make this mistake, they need to learn how to respect the opposition who are situated in a better position in the match. They can head over to the safe zone and wipe the squad later on in the match.

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