3 reasons why the Spider-Man theme is among the most enjoyable game modes in BGMI and PUBG Mobile

Assessing why the Spider-Man mode in BGMI and PUBG Mobile is rising in popularity (Image via Krafton)
Assessing why the Spider-Man mode in BGMI and PUBG Mobile is rising in popularity (Image via Krafton)

Developed by Krafton, PUBG Mobile and BGMI have emerged as successful battle royale games since their respective releases. To improve players' experience, the developers introduce different modes at periodic intervals.

Following the conclusion of the Mirror World mode, the 1.8 update was released, which witnessed the introduction of the Spider-Man mode. In less than a month, this time-limited mode has become one of the most played match types across both versions.

What are the reasons that have made the Spider-Man mode in BGMI and PUBG Mobile one of the most enjoyable ones?

1) Presence of Spider-Man in matches


Most players of Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG Mobile are either children, teenagers, or those in their early twenties. As a result, they are massively connected to Spider-Man.

Therefore, the presence of this hero in the themed mode matches on Erangel and Livik has helped it gain popularity amongst gamers across the country.

Spider-Man can be seen appearing to fight the Boss in the initial stages of the matches. This feature is modeled on the famous scene from Spider-Man: No Way Home.

2) Getting back into the game with the help of Recall feature


The Recall feature present in the mode has also helped it gain popularity. Users can take on initial fights without any fear of facing permanent elimination as their surviving teammates can head over to the Recall tower present across the themed mode maps to bring back their dead teammates.

This feature helps gamers showcase aggressive gameplay in the initial stages of games.

3) Presence of Spider-Man's special ability


Apart from the presence of Spider-Man in the matches, the developers have also introduced the superhero's unique abilities to elevate the gamer's gaming experience. These skills appear in the form of web-shooters and spiderweb balls that help individuals considerably during fights.

Web-shooters have become a popular item in BGMI and PUBG Mobile as they help players climb atop trees or buildings, which were previously unreachable. This item is also used to move quickly.

On the other hand, spiderweb balls are used to restrict enemies from rushing at a squad.

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