5 best free games like BGMI for 3 GB RAM devices (2022)

The best free-to-play Battlegrounds Mobile India alternatives for 3 GB RAM devices (Image via Sportskeeda)
The best free-to-play Battlegrounds Mobile India alternatives for 3 GB RAM devices (Image via Sportskeeda)

BGMI has been quite successful as an alternative for PUBG Mobile on the Indian server. Krafton's Battle Royale title ranks among India's most popular mobile games and has registered over 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store since its release in July 2021.

PUBG Mobile has one of the best esports scenes among mobile games. Thus, Krafton has also put its focus on developing the esports scene around BGMI. Fans have already seen championships like BGIS 2021, BMOC 2022, BMPS Season 1, and the ongoing BGMI Master Series.

BGMI has inspired several other titles in its genre

Battlegrounds Mobile India offers two options for resource packages – HD and low-spec. After installing the game, users can download their preferred variant per their device's specifications. Thus, the popular BR shooter runs efficiently on most mid-range smartphones.

However, there are still plenty of alternatives for Battlegrounds Mobile India if players own a 3 GB RAM device.

1) Free Fire/Free Fire MAX

Free Fire is one of the most popular tactical shooter games in the Play Store (Image via Garena)
Free Fire is one of the most popular tactical shooter games in the Play Store (Image via Garena)

Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular titles and is the most suitable alternative for Battlegrounds Mobile India if gamers are looking for a resource-efficient shooter game. Like the Indian PUBG Mobile variant, Free Fire also offers various features like maps, guns, attachments, airdrops, ranked mode, etc.

Garena's popular BR game also offers various unique features like character and pet abilities, making its gameplay more strategy-based. Moreover, if players desire better visual output, they can download Free Fire MAX, which is essentially the same as Free Fire in terms of content.

2) ScarFall: The Royale Combat


The next game featured on this list is ScarFall: The Royale Combat, specifically for low-end devices. The gameplay of the free-to-play game is akin to that of PUBG Mobile/BGMI or PUBG Mobile Lite.

Moreover, the game's minimum system requirements allow it to perform efficiently even on 1 GB RAM devices. Thus, users with 3 GB RAM (and 32 GB ROM) smartphones can play ScarFall without any hassle.

3) Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Games


Cover Fire is not like Battlegrounds Mobile India, as it is a campaign-based tactical shooter. Players can progress through several levels of the offline game and unlock different weapons, equipment, or accessories.

Users also get specific guns to complete certain missions. Furthermore, the impressive visuals with low-end specs make Cover Fire suitable for 3 GB RAM devices.

4) MaskGun - FPS Shooting Gun Game


MaskGun is another low-end, tactical shooter that provides engaging gameplay. It has many gear customization options alongside additional features like global clan contests and PvP battles.

Players can also unlock several in-game achievements and claim rewards. The small file size also makes MaskGun compatible with the majority of devices.

5) Hero Hunters


Hero Hunters is the last entry on the list of games like BGMI players with 3 GB RAM devices can install without hassle. It is a tactical shooter that allows gamers to progress using different heroes for specific situations.

Furthermore, each hero has different weapons and abilities. Thus, Hero Hunters involves strategy-based gameplay, which makes it quite engaging.

Note: The list is not in any particular order and reflects the writer's individual opinion. Games like COD Mobile and Apex Legends Mobile have not been listed in this list as even though they are compatible with 3 GB RAM devices, one can face several stutters and frame drops while playing them.

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