BGMI guide: How to get Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster vehicle skins

A guide on how to get the Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster skins (Image via BGMI)
A guide on how to get the Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster skins (Image via BGMI)

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) update 1.5 was much-awaited after Tesla got involved. The new update promised some exciting events, new weapons, and obviously some hot Tesla wheels.

As the update was unveiled along with the new season of C1S1, players were quick to spot the Tesla events and the new car skins. For vehicles like Dacia and Rony Pickup, players can unlock some Tesla skins.

Players can head over to the Tesla Drift event and view all the skins, cars, and other rewards.

Which Tesla Cybertrucks and Roadster vehicle skins are available?

The Tesla update has introduced six new vehicle skins, three for Roadster and three for Cybertrucks.

For Tesla Cybertrucks, players can get Black Quartz, Dystopia Blue, and Splendid Silver. These skins cost two, three, and six Tesla Lucky Medals, respectively.

For Tesla Roadsters, there are Amethyst, Digital Water, and Diamond skins available. Just like Cybertrucks, players can get Roadsters for two, three, and six Tesla medals, respectively.

How players can unlock Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster vehicle skins in BGMI

The Tesla Drift event in BGMI (Image via BGMI)
The Tesla Drift event in BGMI (Image via BGMI)

Several players will be excited to get their hands on the Tesla Cybertruck skin and other rewards. The process is quite simple. Players have to participate in the BGMI Tesla Drift event.

1) Once players tap on the Tesla Drift event, they will see a car and some other rewards on a roulette wheel beneath it.

2) Click on the "Start Accelerating" button towards the bottom right. Tapping the button will cost 60 UCs.

3) Players can boost their speed after the start.

4) Accelerating will ramp up the speed, or it will decline.

5) Decreasing speed will halt at zero, and the round will be concluded. Rewards will be reflected on the screen.

The speed boost's cost increases with the increasing speed:

Start: 60 UC

Speed 1: 60 UC

Speed 2: 180 UC

Speed 3: 420 UC

Speed 4: 600 UC

Speed 5: 900 UC

Speed 6: 2,900 UC

Speed 7: 3,600 UC

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Edited by Shaheen Banu
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