BGMI New Year Exchange event: How to get free permanent rewards

Celebrating New Year by collecting free BGMI rewards (Image via Krafton)
Celebrating New Year by collecting free BGMI rewards (Image via Krafton)

The turn of the year seems to highlight a new beginning in BGMI. Focused on enriching the gaming experience of the players, Krafton has introduced several in-game events and modes at periodic intervals. The developers have introduced the New Year Exchange Event to celebrate the arrival of 2022.

With BGIS 2021 coming to its business end, players have thronged the game more than ever before. Getting the rewards by completing a few matches will definitely elate the players more, helping the game gain more popularity over time.

The New Year Exchange Center is located in the Recommended Events section. Here's a guide for players to redeem free, permanent rewards from the event.

Everything about the New Year Exchange event in BGMI

The New Year Exchange Event is the latest addition to BGMI. Players in search of free rewards will have a great time playing the game and obtaining free rewards from the mentioned event.


The missions of the New Year Exchange event have been divided into two sub events - '(New Year) The Damage Guy' and '(New Year) Revive and Survive'. The missions in these sub-events offer limited-time Party Poppers which can be exchanged in the New Year Exchange Center to redeem free rewards.

In the '(New Year) The Damage Guy' event in BGMI, players can obtain a total of 90 Party Poppers, divided into three categories:

  • Deal 1000 damage in Classic Mode: 10 Party Poppers
  • Deal 5000 damage in Classic Mode: 30 Party Poppers
  • Deal 10000 damage in Classic Mode: 50 Party Poppers

In the '(New Year) Revive and Survive' event, players can get hold of 9 Party Poppers each day by just surviving in the battleground.

BGMI players can get a hold of a Classic Crate scrap, a Supply Crate scrap and a Thrill Ride BP crate in exchange for a Party Popper for each item in the New Year Exchange Center to. However, the permanent Bumblebee Set and Bumblebee Cap can be exchanged for 100 and 20 Party Poppers respectively.

Furthermore, the 'Happy New Year' sub-event has also been introduced. Here's a look at the different missions and rewards to be obtained upon completing them.

  • Login Day 1: 500 BP coins
  • Login Day 2: 50 AG currency
  • Login Day 3: 1 Supply Crate Scrap
  • Login Day 4: 100 AG currency
  • Login Day 5: 1 Blue Glider Trial
  • Login Day 6: 1 Classic Crate Scrap
  • Login Day 7: 1 time-limited Happy New Year Parachute

BGMI players should make use of the newly introduced events and acquire the latest items that have been offered by Krafton.

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