Is Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) UC more expensive than PUBG Mobile? All you need to know

Is UC in BGMI more costly? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Is UC in BGMI more costly? (Image via Sportskeeda)

As a result of the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India’s Early Access, players from all over the country have gotten a first-hand look at what the special Indian version will include. There have been several changes, including the addition of warning messages, OTP authentication, and more.

Several special events will also be making their way in with the final release of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Most other elements are pretty similar to that of the game’s global version.

Another change that users were able to spot was the changes in the price of UC, the in-game currency.

UC in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) costlier than PUBG Mobile?


UC is vital if users wish to attain the most exclusive items in-game, including cosmetics like gun skins and costumes. Here are the prices present in the game’s global version:

Prices of UC in PUBG Mobile
Prices of UC in PUBG Mobile

Meanwhile, the following are the prices for the UC present in Battlegrounds Mobile India:

  • ₹89 - 60UC
  • ₹449 - 300UC + 25UC
  • ₹899 - 600UC + 60UC
  • ₹2199 - 1,500UC + 300UC
  • ₹4499 - 3,000UC + 850UC
  • ₹8900 - 6,000UC + 2,100UC

It is evident that the prices and even the packs of UC are different in Battlegrounds Mobile India compared to PUBG Mobile’s global version.

Disclaimer: This is the beta version of Battlegrounds Mobile India, and the prices of UC can change with the game’s official release.

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How to purchase UC in BGMI

Here are the steps that players can follow to purchase UC in Battlegrounds Mobile India:

1) They need to tap on the “UC” icon located on the top-right corner of the screen,

2) After that, the various options would appear on-screen, and players may choose the required one.

3) Once they have made the purchase, UC will be credited to gamers’ accounts.

As stated in the post by Battlegrounds Mobile India, progress in Early Access will be carried over to the final version of the game. It reads the following:

“Also, your in-game progress and purchases will be stored and available in the final version of the game.”

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