Battlegrounds Mobile India has been made particularly with younger gamers, influencers, and content creators in mind: Jay “ToasterRoaster” Khatri

Jay “ToasterRoaster” Khatri had his say on Battlegrounds Mobile India
Jay “ToasterRoaster” Khatri had his say on Battlegrounds Mobile India

The hype around Battlegrounds Mobile India is creating a lot of expectations around Krafton’s upcoming title.

Content creators and many online video game personalities have voiced their opinions on some of the things that the community can expect from the game.

ForceOne x Legstump Esports’ Jay “ToasterRoaster” Khatri has been one of the many influencers who can’t wait for BGMI to finally go live. And though he has been playing a lot of Valorant off-late, Battlegrounds Mobile India will be a trip down memory lane for him, as it was PUBG Mobile that he started his career in.

In a conversation with Sportskeeda Esports’ Abhishek Mallick, Jay opens up about how he got started and what his journey as a content creator has been like so far.

Here is an excerpt of the conversation.

Q. Jay, let’s start by telling our readers a bit about yourself and what life is like outside “ToasterRoaster”?

Jay: Most of you know me by the name ToasterRoaster, the YouTube streamer and digital content creator. I live stream every night at 9:00 PM on YouTube, where I interact with my audience, entertain them, and put active efforts into developing a good rapport with them.

You will always find me experimenting with my lighting setup or doing some or the other thing to provide the best possible quality and streaming experience to the people who land on my channel.

It is fair to say that Jay’s personal life is almost the same as ToasterRoaster’s on-screen persona. I am a super chill person in general, exceedingly optimistic about life, and love the company of my friends.

For people familiar with psychology, you may categorize me as an ENFP (Extravert, Intuitive, Feeler, and Perceiver).

I’m in my final year of mass communication, specializing in digital media. Being an extravert, I prefer being around people, and I’m incredibly grateful for being able to connect with thousands of such amazing people daily!

To conclude, Jay is just a regular guy with ambitions and dreams — but what made him ToasterRoaster is the will to fulfill them.

Q. How did you get started on content creation? Was it something that you were planning to get into before uploading your first video?

Jay: I started with entertainment videos back in the day. In 2018, my parents bought me a computer to edit my videos, but I spent most of my time gaming on it.

Being the only guy with a gaming PC among my friends, I wanted to introduce them to the world of PC Gaming. The “near to life” graphics, game mechanics, huge virtual worlds, and jam-packed action are what I wanted to show them.

So, one day I decided to stream for my friends, and I got so astonished that people can interact with you in real-time and establish a community of people who share the same interest as you.

The more I streamed, the more I fell in love with the idea of it. Since then, I have evolved a lot, and even today, there has been no stopping.

Q. Are your parents supportive of your career choice as a content creator?

Jay: Initially, when my parents found me spending a considerable amount of time on my computer playing games, just like every parent, they were worried that it might be harmful to me. But I took the initiative of explaining gaming and streaming to them in detail, which still wasn’t convincing enough for them.

My parents told me that they were OK with it as far as I’m not compromising my studies and doing anything unethical. Academically, I was a decent student, and I maintained good grades in school, so they have been highly supportive once they understood what I was doing.

When I was the most invested in my streaming career, I topped two semesters at college, which proved to be a reliable form of satisfaction for my parents. It proved that I was not going off the track.

Soon, fans and brands started coming into the picture, and I became independent and responsible for myself.

When I joined ForceOne x Legstump Esports as a content creator, they (parents) were very proud of me. Now, my mom keeps suggesting content ideas, and my dad is helping me explore the business aspect of content creation.

Q. PUBG Mobile was one of the titles that helped your channel grow significantly from the initial days. How much did the game’s ban affect your channel, and how did you adjust?

Jay: Not many people know about this, but I started streaming with PUBG Mobile, and I used to play the game even before it launched in India.

PUBG Mobile helped me get my first thousand subscribers and was a crucial learning curve for understanding quality streaming.

But way before the ban, I switched entirely to PC Gaming with CS: GO because I have been a Counter-Strike fanboy since my childhood. But the news of PUBG Mobile being banned was quite disheartening for me as that specific game contributed hugely to our esports ecosystem.

It is fair to say that it was successful in channelizing gaming into the mainstream.

The ban statistically had no impact on my channel, but it did take a jab at the community. On the brighter side, the launch of Valorant helped the community rise and shine again.

Q. Valorant seems to have become your go-to game off-late. What about Riot Game’s shooter attracts you so much that you make so much content on it?

Jay: First-person shooters have always been my go-to games, specifically CS: GO, which has been my all-time favorite. With CS: GO being there for nearly ten years, no other game has come as close to replacing it as Valorant has.

Being a CS: GO fanboy, I was curious to know what makes Valorant better than it. So, I dropped on to the Valorant servers during the beta release. The fact there’s so much to do, with every agent and utility being unique, makes the permutations and combinations endless!

I started playing Valorant just out of curiosity. Little did I know that I would be falling in love with it.

Q. With Battlegrounds Mobile India finally getting its official launch announcement, can fans of “ToasterRoaster” expect content on Krafton’s title once it officially goes live?

Jay: Battlegrounds Mobile India is absolutely going to be a massive thing once it’s released, and we can predict that by the current hype. Currently, I do not have the required equipment set up to stream BGMI with the same quality as my other streams, but yes, it is worth trying because of its guaranteed potential.

If things fall in place, you can expect some battle royale action soon.

Q. Battlegrounds Mobile India’s early beta access is already live. How different or how similar would you say the game is to PUBG Mobile.

Jay: With the past implications on the game, Krafton is trying to avoid any more consequences. That is visible in the Indian version of the game.

BGMI has been made considering their young gamers and the influence it can be held responsible for.

I appreciate how the game reminds you to take breaks and is now more children-friendly by replacing a few terminologies like “kills” with more appropriate words like “defeated” and censoring a few aspects.

It is changed just enough so that it feels like the same game but also children-friendly.

Q. You recently came under the wing of ForceOne x Legstump Esports. What was the transition like, and what can your fans expect from the channel in the coming months?

Jay: Joining ForceOne x Legstump Esports as a content creator is equivalent to a checkmark in my bucket list. The transition was effortless, all thanks to the management and the players being so welcoming and humble.

I recently got the opportunity to meet the players and be with them at the boot camp, especially during vital matches against teams like Global Esports and Samurai Esports. The level of communication, synchronization and the adrenaline rush that I witnessed inside the boot camp was something that I have never experienced before while watching the live streams!

I want to deliver that experience to our audiences in the form of BTS vlogs from the boot camp, and much more exclusive content is lined up for them for the coming months on my YouTube and Instagram.

People’s perspective about the players is currently just limited to the game, and now it’s my responsibility to show them what their lives look like behind the monitors. #ForceAwakens

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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