BGIS 2024 Round 4 Day 2: Overall standings, summary, and more

Day 2 of BGIS 2024 Round 4 occurred on May 24 (Image via BGMI)
Day 2 of BGIS 2024 Round 4 occurred on May 24 (Image via BGMI)

FS Esports topped the overall leaderboard of Group 2 in the BGIS 2024 Round 4. They ensured 76 points with the help of 49 frags and one Chicken Dinner. Chemin Esports earned second rank with 55 points, while Inspiration Esports (INS) came third with 55 points. Magnet Esports acquired fourth spot with 47 points. These four teams reached the Semifinals.

Infected Mushrooms and Big Brother Esports ended up in fifth and sixth with 43 and 40 points respectively. Blind Esports, an experienced unit, struggled there and posted only 38 points. Genesis Esports finished ninth with 28 points, followed by Dragon Clan. Team VST, who had an impressive run in the Grind, failed to perform and scored only 19 points there. Team Aaru, Rivalry, and Raven also faltered and came in the last three spots of the group.

BGIS Round 4 Group 2 highlights

Group 2 overall scoreboard (Image via BGMI)
Group 2 overall scoreboard (Image via BGMI)

Match 1 - Erangel

Chemin Esports came out victorious in the first battle with 17 points. FS, IMPRNT, and Magnet also played nicely, scoring 17, 12, and 10 points respectively. Rivalry Esports added eight points, while Blind and Team Aaru took six points each.

Match 2 - Miramar

Magnet Esports registered a 20-point Chicken Dinner in the second game. INS and PL Dominators secured 12 points each there. It was also a good match for Dragon and Chemin as they got 10 and eight points respectively.

Match 3 - Sanhok

Infected Mushrooms was phenomenal in the third encounter and claimed a brilliant 26-point Chicken Dinner. FS Esports grabbed 18 points, including 13 kills. Team VST and Blind clinched nine and eight points respectively.

Match 4 - Vikendi

FS Esports continued their thumping run in the fourth game and obtained a 20-point victory. Chemin Esports and INS seized 13 and 11 crucial points respectively. Blind Esports added six points, while Team Aaru finished with zero.

Match 5 - Miramar

Big Brother Esports conquered a fantastic 22-point Chicken Dinner in their fifth game of the BGIS Round 4. Chemin Esports was also outstanding in this match as they accumulated 15 points. INS and FS Esports got 10 points each.

Match 6 - Erangel

Genesis Esports achieved a 19-point Chicken Dinner. INS and Magnet grabbed 13 and 11 points respectively. Infected, FS, Blind, and 47Esports ensured eight points each in their last game of the BGIS 2024 Round 4.

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