Blind Esports ranks eighth in BGIS 2024 Round 4 Group 2

Blind Esports struggled in BGIS 2024 Round 4 (Image via BGMI)
Blind Esports struggled in BGIS 2024 Round 4 (Image via BGMI)

Day 2 of BGIS 2024 Round 4 saw many experienced teams fail to perform well in Group 2. Popular club Blind Esports couldn’t perform as well as the lineup is known for. The Aadi-led squad finished eighth in the overall leaderboard with 38 points, including 31 eliminations. Since the group had only four spots for the semifinals, the remaining teams must play in the Wildcard Entry Stage.

FS Esports was the top performer in Group 2 of BGIS Round 4 with 76 points and one Chicken Dinner. Chemin (55), Inspiration (55), and Magnet Esports (47) were second, third, and fourth places, respectively. These four teams from Group 2 have made it into the Semifinals.

Some well-known teams like Big Brother, Team Aaru, and Raven also failed to secure a spot in the top four. The group's bottom 12 teams must execute well in the Wildcard stage to grab a seat in the semifinals.

Blind Esports’ performances in Group 2 of BGIS Round 4

The opening game of Group 2 in BGIS Round 4 was won by Chemin Esports. Blind Esports gained only six points and was eliminated earlier without securing any position points. One of their players, Skipz, grabbed four eliminations with the help of 400 damage.

Blind also faced challenges in the second match, as the lineup took only three points, all coming from eliminations. They yet again couldn’t survive for long and were eliminated by Magnet Esports, who won this game.

Blind had a decent run in their third match, which was held on Sanhok, and grabbed eight points, including four kills. However, the team once again failed to cross the double-digit mark. Infected Mushrooms and FS Esports were the best two performers in this encounter.

In the fourth match of the BGIS Round 4, Blind could not improve their performance and scored only six points. FS Esports emerged victorious in this battle. Chemin, INS, and Infected Mushrooms had a fantastic run in this clash.

In Match 5, Blind Esports secured seven points, thanks to Harsh’s five eliminations. Big Brother and Chemin Esports were the first and second-best teams of the game.

Blind Esports ensured eight points to their name. The Aadi-led brigade had a below-average run in their last encounter of the BGIS Round 4, which was a crucial one. Genesis Esports clinched the match, while INS and Magnet also impressed the audience with their results.

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