"Great news coming soon": Yash Bhanushali, Orangutan's owner makes huge claim about Free Fire and BGMI

Orangutan Esports
Orangutan Esports' owner hints at something big happening for the esports scene in India (Image via Sportskeeda)

Free Fire and BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) fans from India witnessed major setbacks earlier this year. Both popular Battle Royale games have received a ban from the Indian government's MeitY due to data security concerns. Moreover, the esports ecosystems of both titles have also come to a halt.

Amidst all the bad news for both FF and Battlegrounds Mobile India fans, Yash Bhanushali, owner of Orangutan Esports, has come up with a massive claim for esports enthusiasts.

Great news coming for the esports community. Government is actively working to regulate esports. Great news coming soon. Welcome back FF and BGMI ⭐️♥️

On Friday, November 4, one of the biggest stakeholders in the Indian esports scene dropped a hint about the Indian government's keenness towards gaming. The influencer didn't mention anything specific related to the development in the esports ecosystem but casually mentioned the names of popular BR titles from Garena and Krafton.

Keywords like "great news," "welcome back," "FF," and "BGMI" excited many esports aficionados, who mainly followed the tournaments of Free Fire and Battlegrounds Mobile India. One can also consider the tweet's claim regarding the Government of India's interest in esports as a big positive for the professional gaming scene in the country.

Bhanushali's statement holds much significance as Orangutan Esports is active in the circuits of Valorant, Free Fire, BGMI, and more.

Netizens share their thoughts in reply to Yash Bhanushali's tweet about BGMI and Free Fire

Twitter users pointed out the toxicity of the fanbase in both games as they replied to Bhanushali's tweet:

@OGYashB Let’s hope only the games are back not the toxicity, this peace and calm we all have right now could go the day the games come back.
@OGYashB I think there should be strict action on esports Players who abuse like fines and after certain warnings they should put ban for some years like that
@OGYashB So, toxic audiences will comeback again.. Sad moment :(
@OGYashB Thats not esports community thats controversy community.if government unban it yt will be same as it was in past ppl enjoy this controversies and players make money never even able to perform in aim assist shitty TPP game on global level
@real_Cyb0rG @OGYashB Remind a day where there no controversy in the BGMI era? I’ll count 50 days with 0 controversies since it got blocked. Even after the Pubgm ban, it was far more mellowed down, no fan base wars, no hate. That’s “peace, calm”
@2001Dutt @real_Cyb0rG @OGYashB Ppl can enjoy warzone mobile and valo mobile but im 100% sure they will creat esports scene in both game with more toxicity,hate and of course player poaching no government rules regulations

Some Twitter users also expressed their excitement while others questioned the genuinity of the claim:

@OGYashB Now that's a Great News ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
@OGYashB Good to know if it's true❤❤
@OGYashB This is huge for the ecosystem.
@OGYashB I hope it's true 😭😭😭😭😭🤲🏻
@OGYashB Woah hope so🤞
@OGYashB Source? Trust me bro ?
@OGYashB Source? 🙃
@OGYashB What's the source🤥🥲.Trust me Bro?
@OGYashB This is authentic news or just clout chasing?

"Indian esports is doomed" - Yash Bhanusali tweeted about the BGMI ban earlier

This is not the first time Yash Bhanushali has tweeted about the ban on the game, as he has shared his opinions multiple times on Twitter. In July 2022, after MeitY blocked Battlegrounds Mobile India, Bhanushali took to Twitter to share his concerns about the setbacks Indian esports has faced due to a ban on the games.

Indian esports is doomed with BGMI most probably banned, free fire banned, valorant scene very close to dying with franchising coming in. I really worry about everything happening in the ecosystem 🥲

Here's what Yash Bhanushali tweeted on July 29, a day after Battlegrounds Mobile India's removal from the Play Store and App Store:

"Indian esports is doomed with BGMI most probably banned, free fire banned, valorant scene very close to dying with franchising coming in. I really worry about everything happening in the ecosystem 🥲"

To a point, Yash Bhanushali's opinions were relevant. However, Indian esports is still in its initial phase of growth and has much more potential to shine with the rise of several other games' competitive scenes.

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