"It will take time": Ghatak expresses his views on BGMI's return in India

Ghatak responds to a question about BGMI
Ghatak responds to a question about BGMI's return (Image via Sportskeeda)

The sudden disappearance of BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) from the Play Store and the App Store in July 2022 worried many fans. The game is yet to return even after two months, but its absence has severely impacted India's esports ecosystem despite the rise of the craze for other games among fans.

Thus, MeitY's decision to block BGMI has received a lot of attention from several influencers. The stakeholders have continued to provide their opinions on the game's comeback now and then, with the most recent comment coming from Abhijeet "Ghatak" of Godlike Esports.

Ghatak is optimistic about BGMI's comeback but refuses to comment on the return date


Ghatak is among those influencers who consistently interact with their followers through different platforms. He has been quite vocal since Google and Apple removed BGMI from their virtual application stores, confronting Krafton and writing cryptic tweets around various developments.

In one of his recent interactions, Ghatak was asked about the game's return to India, to which he responded:

"Just take a chill pill, man. Do not worry; the game will return. You guys will become happy after the game's return, so chill. It will take time, so I will not comment on that."

Thus, Ghatak is hopeful about Battlegrounds Mobile India's comeback, but he refrains from mentioning or speculating on the game's unban date.


A few days back, a similar but more elaborate response was given by a famous Indian caster, Piyush "Spero." In his live stream, he referenced the recent RTI response to an appeal regarding the reason behind blocking Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Spero told his fans that BGMI had not been banned, as the RTI response mentions its blocking in India. Therefore, one can expect its servers to remain online while the game remains absent from the Play Store and the App Store.

The famous Indian esports commentator also claimed that the game would make a return, but the unban date is not specified due to the unavailability of any leaks.

Furthermore, he informed the users that all the leaks around its return were not trustworthy because of the confidentiality of the matter.

Here's what he said about Battlegrounds Mobile India's potential return to the Indian market:

"The talks around the game's return are going as many expect the comeback to happen after December. I am also on that boat. I think BGMI isn't going to return before December."

For the unversed, MeitY blocked the popular Indian PUBG Mobile variant on 28 July, and the game is yet to make any return.

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