TSM India reveals new BGMI roster

TSM FTX (image via TSM Twitter)
TSM FTX (image via TSM Twitter)

With the arrival of India's favorite battle royale, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), there has been a lot of buzz in the scene regarding the esports aspect of the title. With Krafton, the publisher of BGMI, promising India exclusive leagues and tournaments and with the announcement of the first Indian open tournament Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021 (BGIS 2021), interest regarding the title has drastically increased across all quarters.

Indian and International Esports organizations are looking to pick up BGMI rosters, make necessary changes to their teams, and set their rosters straight before the start of BGIS 2021 to give their respective teams enough time to practice before the start of the tournament.

The latest among the long list of organizations to announce their Battlegrounds Mobile India roster is the international giant Team Solo Mid (TSM). The organization today unveiled its BGMI line-up through social media platforms.

TSM FTX BGMI roster:-

1.) Blaze

2.) Ninja

3.) Shadow

4.) AquaNox

Welcoming the roster, TSM India said they were excited to announce their BGMI roster and said that they expected to achieve greatness with their new team. The roster includes many young guns who are relatively new to the Tier-1 BGMI scene.

Blaze and Ninja, two excellent up-and-coming stars in the BGMI scene, have been performing really well as of late. Before TSM, both these players were a part of Stalwart Esports. Both of them played an instrumental role in the team's third-place finish in the PUBG Mobile Club Open: Fall India 2020. The team had also qualified for the PMPL: S3 South Asia before the game was banned in India

AquaNox is a relatively new player in the Tier 1 BGMI scene. Having played for teams such as ESN and RIP Official, AquaNox has shown great promise. He has recently been grinding with the team, ST8 (the name of the roster before being acquired by TSM) and has been performing brilliantly going up against seasoned T1 players and coming out on top.

Shadow is a veteran of the BGMI scene and has been competing ever since the inception of its esports scene. Having played for top Indian teams such as MegaStars, Mayhem, VSG Crawlers, Marcos Gaming, and Enigma Gaming, Shadow has a ton of experience behind him. Apart from this, he is an excellent assaulter as well and is expected to be a priceless addition to the team.

Earlier, TSM India had released their previous BGMI roster which included star-studded players such as Jonathan and ZGOD. The current lineup will have a lot of responsibility on its shoulders to fill in the shoes of the former lineup.

It would be interesting to see how the team performs going forward. With the BGIS drawing closer the team will have to grind hard to meet the expectations of TSM fans and do well in the tournament.

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Edited by Siddharth Satish