“He’s really complete” - Ronnie Coleman dubs Derek Lunsford a threat to Big Ramy at Mr. Olympia 2022

Derek Lunsford
A recent image of Derek Lunsford (Image via Instagram @dereklunsford_)

Bodybuilding legend Ronnie Coleman thinks Derek Lunsford could be a big threat to Big Ramy at Mr. Olympia 2022. The eight-time Mr. Olympia winner recently stated that Lunsford could give the defending champion a run for his title.

Coleman was speaking during a recent appearance on Muscular Development’s Ronline Report when he shared his views on Mr. Olympia 2022 competition. Commenting on the competitors, Coleman said that Lunsford is “really complete” as a bodybuilder. Lauding his “thickness” and height, the veteran noted that Lunsford could take Ramy by surprise.

Speaking about the 2022 Olympia, Ronnie Coleman said:

“Derek is the only one that’s pretty close to him right now that’s got everything. He’s really complete, he’s got a lot of thickness and everything.”

He also went on to laud Hadi Choopan. However, he stated that the Iranian wasn’t as complete as Lunsford.

Coleman added:

“I think height makes a difference, as well as conditioning and thickness, and I think Derek is close to being complete. Hadi Choopan is real good in some areas and not so good in some other areas. He’s not complete like Derek is right now but anything can change.”

Ronnie Coleman on top athletes at Mr. Olympia 2022

Ronnie Coleman went on to share his views on other competitors at the event as well. Speaking about the lineup, the experienced bodybuilder said that at least four competitors could be battling for a second-place finish.

He said:

“Man, it’s so hard right now, I know so many good guys, but I see Big Ramy first, then second it could be [William] Bonac, he is looking real good. Then Brandon Curry always look pretty good, and then these new guys coming in here Derek and I don’t think Andrew can place that high, and I don’t see Nick [Walker] placing that high either, in the top three. For the second, it’s going to be between Bonac, Hadi, Derek, and Brandon. Four guys can place second, I think.”

He added:

“The second is going to be really tough. It could be Bonac because he’s looking good. I hadn’t seen these guys, but judge coaching Bonac said they were good. Brandon is probably gonna be third or fourth. And then new guy, [Michal Krizo] might be up there too in the top five. It’ll leave Hunter and Nick are probably behind them.”

Coleman went on to dub Samson Dauda as a potential dark horse at the event.

He said:

“Maybe Samson Dauda. I was saying he could possibly win one day so I was to include him in our earlier conversation as being one of the guys that’s going to automatically shock everybody.”

It is pertinent to note that Big Ramy comes into the event as a favorite to win. The two-time Mr. Olympia champion seems on track to defend his title.

Notably, Ramy also appeared on the Nothin But a Podcast with Ronnie Coleman and predicted he would win the event. Speaking about his competition, the Egyptian bodybuilder said he would face intense competition from Choopan. Interestingly, Coleman didn’t disagree with the prediction.

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