I will win Gold at the Tokyo Olympics 2021: Vikas Krishan

Vikas Krishan is one of India's biggest hopes in boxing at the 2021 Olympic Games
Vikas Krishan is one of India's biggest hopes in boxing at the 2021 Olympic Games

Indian welterweight boxer Vikas Krishan is supremely confident of bagging a Gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics 2021. He mentioned that he will leave no stone unturned on his quest to clinch the coveted medal.

Vikas Krishan spoke at length about his boxing career and his hopes for the upcoming Olympics during an exclusive interaction with Indranil Basu on Sportskeeda Live.

On being asked about his feelings at having won a medal at almost every competition, Vikas Krishan mentioned that God has been kind to him, with there also being a period between 2010 and 2016 when everyone around used to consider him as a certain medallist.

"I am that lucky. Every day I am asking God why is he giving me so much. There was a time between 2010 to 2016, the coaches used to believe and the guys used to believe that if Vikas is going then he is a sure medal and who will be the second medal."

Vikas Krishan asserted that at the upcoming Tokyo Olympics 2021, it will not be just another medal but a sure-shot Gold.

"That was the time also. But this time I will win Gold at the Tokyo Olympics. It's not a medal this time, I am going to win Gold."

On being reminded that an Olympic medal, which he probably will get next year, is probably the only one missing from his cabinet, Vikas Krishan retorted that it was not a probability but a certainty.

"No it's probably, it's sure. I am sacrificing that much, I am leaving my family and friends and other things for the Olympic Gold."

The gold medallist at the 2018 Commonwealth Games stated that he would give it his all, as winning the Olympic Gold is his only objective.

"There is nothing remaining. I will not leave any stone unturned, I am going to get that. There is no if, winning is not everything, for me it is the only thing."

Vikas Krishan on the change in the outlook of the foreign boxers towards him

Vikas Krishan would be taking part in his third Olympics at Tokyo
Vikas Krishan would be taking part in his third Olympics at Tokyo

On being asked about his quarter-final loss at the Rio Olympics 2016, Vikas Krishan recalled that he was on the cusp of winning a medal, while acknowledging that he had a negative mindset at that time when up against pugilists from powerful boxing nations.

"I was just a step away from a medal but the mental thinking of that time and this time is different. Before 2012 and 2016 Olympics, all the Indian guys had a mindset that we should not face Cuba or USA or Russia or Uzbekistan in the first round. When we saw African boxers, we thought we could win."

The 28-year-old observed that the mindset has changed totally now and stressed that he could defeat anyone with proper training.

"Now my mindset is totally different. Last time I defeated a guy from US who is now 12-0 in professional circuit. So with that cheat training if I can beat those guys, with excellent training I can beat anyone."

Vikas Krishan also revealed that the mindset of pugilists from strong boxing countries like Cuba, USA and Russia have also changed, and that they have started to consider him as a dangerous opponent.

"They don't think Indians are anything. They think it is a bye. They thinks Indians as a piece of cake. They don't take Indians seriously but now, especially me, they have started thinking differently."

Vikas Krishan is among nine Indian boxers who have qualified for the Tokyo Olympics 2021 through the Asia-Oceania Boxing Qualifiers. The country would be hoping for a good medal haul from these pugilists, with prominent names like Mary Kom and Amit Panghal also making the cut along with Vikas Krishan.

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