“Bronny James shouldn't apologize for who his dad is”: LeBron James agent Rich Paul encourages USC hooper to embrace his roots

Rich Paul, LeBron James and Bronny James
Rich Paul, LeBron James and Bronny James

Rich Paul of Klutch Sports is among those who clearly believe that Bronny James is heaping too much unnecessary criticism, just because of his heritage.

LeBron James` longtime agent and friend recently made it known that the young USC hooper shouldn`t be ashamed of being his father`s son and that he should be able to embrace his upbringing wholeheartedly despite the criticism (via Bleacher Report).

Paul starts by comparing the James duo with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his kids:

"What do you think is going to happen with Jeff Bezos' kids? He built Amazon. You think they're not going to be positioned based upon what he's built? And none of them should be apologetic about that."

He continues:

"The only thing you can go by is being thankful, treating people a certain way and enhancing something that you were positioned for. They shouldn't apologize for that. And Bronny shouldn't apologize for who his dad is."

The famed agent and founder/owner of Klutch Sports also mentioned how he believes that America as a whole is "built on nepotism" in the same originally mentioned Bleacher Report piece. He then goes on to mention Bronny James and his connection with his dad in the same vein as NY Knicks owner, James Dolan and Wasserman Media Group`s, Casey Wasserman.

"I got plenty of friends that come from very wealthy families whose families built a business, and when it's their turn to take charge, they're not sitting on the couch. They're looking to enhance it," Paul says.

Either way, one can never really deny that Bronny James is indeed getting a ton of coverage despite not being a highly-regarded draft pick. He did show out quite a bit during the recently concluded NBA Draft Combine, improving his stock in the process.

Bronny James isn`t trying to be his dad

Everyone knows that LeBron James was a true, once-in-a-generation player. It is almost impossible to live up to someone of his status in the game, but his son Bronny has made it clear that he`s not looking to be the "heir apparent" to his father.

The USC guard has made it known that he wants to emulate the games of Boston Celtics starters Jrue Holiday and Derrick White, alongside Sacramento Kings guard Davion Mitchell (via NBC Sports Boston). Bronny James commends them for being the kind of players who excel at their very specific roles and clearly contribute to the team`s overall winning ways.

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