Bronny James vs LeBron James NBA Draft Combine measurements: Comparing wingspan, height and more

Bronny James vs LeBron James NBA draft combine measurements
Bronny James vs LeBron James NBA draft combine measurements

Bronny James has had his official measurements for the 2024 NBA Combine and he continues to impress with his size. People have immediately jumped to comparisons of his father, Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James, and how he measured up at the 2003 NBA Combine as well.

The measuring for Bronny James will continue throughout the week, but we have the basic measurements officially listed and seeing how he compares to his father is definitely interesting.

Today, we are going to take a dive into the Bronny James vs. LeBron James NBA draft combine measurements and see just how similar these two are. It is important to note that these measurements for LeBron James are from when he was coming out of St. Vincent-St. Mary High School and not of what he is measuring now.

Bronny James vs LeBron James NBA draft combine measurements


The way the NBA Combine measures height is without shoes on, so there is no extra elevation for whatever brand of shoes they wear. Bronny James is officially measured at 6'1.50" without shoes on. Obviously, playing at a guard position means he will be a few inches shorter than LeBron James. LeBron James measured at 6'7.25" without shoes during the 2003 NBA Combine.


LeBron James entered the NBA Combine weighing in at 245.0 pounds and had a 6.7% body fat. While we do not have the official numbers for Bronny James' body fat percentage, we do have his official weight. Bronny James is officially listed at 210.4 pounds, almost 35 pounds lighter than his father was at the time.


Just like height, the wingspan is going to be a bit different due to the size difference between father and son. Bronny James was officially listed as having a 6'7.25" wingspan at the NBA Combine. LeBron James had a 7'0.25" wingspan before entering the NBA.

Standing Reach

Bronny James has an 8'2.5" standing reach, which is a little better than two feet from the rim without jumping. His father measured at 8'10.25" with his standing reach, so there is almost an eight-inch difference in that regard.

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