IG sensation Mia Mastrov backs $203,000 NIL-valued Cameron Brink as Stanford star becomes defensive POTY: "Stop playing w herrr"

Stanford star Cameron Brink and IG sensation Mia Mastrov
Stanford star Cameron Brink, left, and IG sensation Mia Mastrov

Stanford star forward Cameron Brink won her third consecutive Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year award alongside her second Pac-12 Player of the Year award on Tuesday.

California Golden Bears guard and Instagram sensation Mia Mastrov congratulated the $203,000 NIL-valued Brink (as per On3) on her accomplishment in her stories:

"Stop playing w herrr," Mastrov wrote.
Mia Mastrov's IG
Mia Mastrov's IG

Brink registered her 16th double-double of the season, with 18 points, 17 rebounds and five assists) in the second-ranked Cardinal's 76-56 blowout win over the Oregon Ducks on Saturday.

After being celebrated for senior day on Feb. 25, Brink left Stanford fans in limbo over her future, giving them hope that she could be back to repeat her defensive heroics next year.

"So, I'm sure all of you are wondering, as far as my decision goes to stay next year or enter the draft, I'm still undecided," Brink said.

The Cameron Brink-Steph Curry connection

The families of Cameron Brink and four-time NBA champion, Golden State Warriors legend Steph Curry are incredibly close.

Steph's mother, Sonya Curry was Brink's mother's (Michelle Bain-Brink) roommate at Virginia Tech, and their fathers, Dell Curry and Greg Brink, played for the school's basketball team.

Sonya is Cameron's godmother, and Michelle is Seth and Steph's godmother. In an interview with "The Times Herald," Sonya reminded her sons that her goddaughter had won the national championship (in 2021) while they had not.

“That’s an accolade that Stephen and (his NBA brother) Seth can’t brag about,” Sonya Curry said.

In an interview with "The Oregonian," Brink outlined her close relationship with Steph Curry and his family.

"It's a blessing to have such an amazing connection," Brink said. "(Steph) is like my brother basically, so it's just like seeing a family member you've known forever and someone you would run around with and goof off with, and then all of a sudden you see him on the cover of cereal boxes.
"It's crazy because he's such a normal person in your life, and thousands and thousands of people look up to him."

Cameron's mother, Michelle, talked to "The Oregonian" about the close ties between the families.

“We laugh because we put these monikers like godsister, godbrother, which are not real, but to us, it’s our way of explaining how connected we are to them,” Michelle Brink said. "The three Curry children – Steph, Seth and sister, Sydel – have always been like big brothers and sisters.”

If Cameron Brink can lead the Stanford Cardinal to another NCAA championship, she will hold the bragging rights of winning another national championship over Steph and Seth Curry.

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