March Madness announcer schedule by game: Full list of broadcast personalities confirmed for the NCAA tournament 2024

Michigan State v North Carolina
Michigan State v North Carolina

March Madness has given basketball fans some of the most exciting moments in sports history. Some of these moments were enhanced by the voices making the calls during the event.

With 67 total games throughout the NCAA Tournament, a large announcing crew is required to make sure that each game is broadcast in the best way possible.

This year's tournament consists of eight different broadcasting teams with a total of 28 different broadcasters.

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March Madness announcers 2024

Play-by-PlayAnalyst(s) Reporter
Ian EagleBill RafteryGrant HillTracy Wolfson**
Brian AndersonJim Jackson-Allie LaForce**
Kevin HarlanDan BonnerStan Van GundyAndy Katz**
Lisa ByingtonSteve SmithRobbie HummelLauren Shehadi
Andrew CatalonSteve Lappas-Evan Washburn
Spero DedesJim Spanarkel Jon Rothstein
Tom McCarthyDeb AntonelliAvery JohnsonAJ Ross
Brad NesslerBrendan Haywood-Dana Jacobson

**Regional Weekend teams**

March Madness announcer schedule by game

Round 1

Thursday, March 21

GameTime (ET)TV/Live streamAnnouncers
No. 9 Michigan State vs. No. 8 Mississippi State12:15 p.m.CBSAnderson/Jackson/LaForce
No. 11 Duquesne vs. No. 6 BYU12:40 p.m.TruTVMcCarthy/Antonelli/Johnson/Ross
No. 14 Akron vs. No. 3 Creighton1:30 p.m.TNTCatalon/Lappas/Washburn
No. 15 Long Beach State vs. No. 2 Arizona2 p.m.TBSNessler/Haywood/Jacobson
No. 16 Wagner vs. No. 1 North Carolina2:45 p.m.CBSAnderson/Jackson/LaForce
No. 14 Morehead State vs. No. 3 Illinois3:10 p.m.TruTVMcCarthy/Antonelli/Johnson/Ross
No. 11 Oregon vs. No. 6 South Carolina4 p.m.TNTCatalon/Lappas/Washburn
No. 10 Nevada vs. No. 7 Dayton4:30 p.m.TBSNessler/Haywood/Jacobson
No. 10 Colorado State vs. No. 7 Texas6:50 p.m.TNTAnderson/Jackson/LaForce
No. 14 Oakland vs. No. 3 Kentucky7:10 p.m.CBSCatalon/Lappas/Washburn
No. 12 McNeese vs. No. 5 Gonzaga7:25 p.m.TBSNessler/Haywood/Jacobson
No. 15 South Dakota State vs. No. 2 Iowa State7:35 p.m.TruTVMcCarthy/Antonelli/Johnson/Ross
No. 15 Saint Peter's vs. No. 2 Tennessee9:20 p.m.TNTAnderson/Jackson/LaForce
No. 11 NC State vs. No. 6 Texas Tech9:40 p.m.CBSCatalon/Lappas/Washburn
No. 13 Samford vs. No. 4 Kansas9:55 p.m.TBSNessler/Haywood/Jacobson
No. 10 Drake vs. No. 7 Washington State10:05 p.m.TruTVMcCarthy/Antonelli/Johnson/Ross

Round 1

Friday, March 22

GameTime (ET)TV/Live streamAnnouncers
No. 9 Northwestern vs. No. 8 Florida Atlantic12:15 p.m.CBSCatalon/Lappas/Washburn
No. 14 Colgate vs. No. 3 Baylor12:40 p.m.TruTVDedes/Spanarkel/Rothstein
No. 12 UAB vs. No. 5 San Diego State1:45 p.m.TNTByington/Smith/Hummel/Shehadi
No. 15 Western Kentucky vs. No. 2 Marquette2 p.m.TBSHarlan/Bonner/Van Gundy/Katz
No. 16 Stetson vs. No. 1 UConn2:45 p.m.CBSEagle/Raftery/Hill/Wolfson
No. 11 New Mexico vs. No. 6 Clemson3:10 p.m.TruTVDedes/Spanarkel/Rothstein
No. 13 Yale vs. No. 4 Auburn4:15 p.m.TNTByington/Smith/Hummel/Shehadi
No. 10 Colorado/Boise State vs. No. 7 Florida4:30 p.m.TBSHarlan/Bonner/Van Gundy/Katz
No. 9 Texas A&M vs. No. 8 Nebraska6:50 p.m.TNTDedes/Spanarkel/Rothstein
No. 13 Vermont vs. No. 4 Duke7:10 p.m.CBSEagle/Raftery/Hill/Wolfson
No. 16 Grambling/Montana State vs. No. 1 Purdue7:25 p.m.TBSHarlan/Bonner/Van Gundy/Katz
No. 13 College of Charleston vs. No. 4 Alabama7:35 p.m.TruTVByington/Smith/Hummel/Shehadi
No. 16 Longwood vs. No. 1 Houston9:20 p.m.TNTDedes/Spanarkel/Rothstein
No. 12 James Madison vs. No. 5 Wisconsin9:40 p.m.CBSEagle/Raftery/Hill/Wolfson
No. 9 TCU vs. No. 8 Utah State9:55 p.m.TBSHarlan/Bonner/Van Gundy/Katz
No. 12 Grand Canyon vs. No. 5 Saint Mary's10:05 p.m.TruTVByington/Smith/Hummel/Shehadi

Round 2

Saturday, March 23

GameTime (ET)NetworkAnnouncers
No. 7 Dayton vs. No. 2 Arizona12:45 p.m. CBSNessler / Haywood // Jacobson
No. 5 Gonzaga vs. No. 4 Kansas3:15 p.m. CBSNessler / Haywood // Jacobson
No. 9 Michigan State vs. No. 1 North Carolina5:30 p.m. CBSAnderson / Jackson // LaForce
No. 7 Washington State vs. No. 2 Iowa State6:10 p.m.TNTMcCarthy / Antonelli, Johnson // Ross
No. 14 Oakland vs. No. 11 NC State7:10 p.m. TBSCatalon / Lappas // Washburn
No. 7 Texas vs. No. 2 Tennessee8:00 p.m. CBSAnderson / Jackson // LaForce
No. 11 Duquesne vs. No. 3 Illinois8:40 p.m. TNTMcCarthy / Antonelli, Johnson // Ross
No. 11 Oregon vs. No. 3 Creighton 9:40 p.m. TBSCatalon / Lappas // Washburn

Sunday, March 24

GameTime (ET)NetworkAnnouncers
TBD vs. TBD12 p.m. CBSTBD
TBD vs. TBD 2:30 p.m.CBSTBD
TBD vs. TBD6 p.m. TNTTBD
TBD vs. TBD7 p.m. TBSTBD
TBD vs. TBD7:30 p.m.truTVTBD
TBD vs. TBD8:30 p.m. TNTTBD
TBD vs. TBD9:30 p.m.TBSTBD

Sweet 16

Thursday, March 28

GameTime (ET)NetworkAnnouncers
TBD vs. TBD7:30 p.m. TBSTBD
TBD vs. TBD9:30 p.m.CBSTBD
TBD vs. TBD10 p.m. TBSTBD

Friday, March 29

GameTime (ET)NetworkAnnouncers
TBD vs. TBD7 p.m. CBSTBD
TBD vs. TBD7:30 p.m.TBSTBD
TBD vs. TBD9:30 p.m. CBSTBD
TBD vs. TBD10 p.m. TBSTBD

Elite Eight

Saturday, March 30

GameTime (ET)NetworkAnnouncers
TBD vs. TBD 6 p.m. TBSTBD
TBD vs. TBD8:30 p.m. TBSTBD

Sunday, March 31

GameTime (ET)NetworkAnnouncers
TBD vs. TBD6 p.m. TBSTBD
TBD vs. TBD8:30 p.m. TBSTBD

Final Four

Saturday, April 6

GameTime (ET)NetworkAnnouncers
TBD vs. TBD6 p.m. TBSEagle / Raftery / Hill // Wolfson
TBD vs. TBD8:30 p.m. TBSEagle / Raftery / Hill // Wolfson

National Championship

Monday, April 8

GameTime (ET)NetworkAnnouncers
TBD vs. TBD9 p.m. TBSEagle / Raftery / Hill // Wolfson

2024 March Madness announcer rankings

#1. Ian Eagle, Bill Raftery, Grant Hill, Tracy Wolfson

Ian Eagle will serve as the successor to the legendary Jim Nantz to take over on the top broadcast team for the tournament this year.

Although Nantz leaves big shoes to fill, Eagle is well qualified. He has done work for the NFL and college basketball for CBS since 1998, and he's been calling Brooklyn Nets games since 1995.

Bill Raftery and Grant Hill will accompany Eagle as he takes over for Nantz on the crew that will cover the Final Four.

Raftery has been with CBS since 1983 and has served as the lead commentary crew for March Madness since the 2015 tournament.

Hall of Famer Grant Hill will serve as the lead analyst, with NFL sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson reporting from courtside.

#2. Kevin Harlan, Dan Bonner, Stan Van Gundy, Andy Katz

The dynamic Kevin Harlan leads this crew, with longtime tournament announcer Dan Bonner and former NBA head coach Stan Van Gundy providing analysis. Andy Katz will provide the sideline reporting, coming over from the Big Ten Network.

#3. Brian Anderson, Jim Jackson, Allie LaForce

The NBA on TNT's and Milwaukee Brewers' announcer Brian Anderson is joined by former NBA star Jim Jackson at the desk this year.

Both men have been calling games since 2007. Allie LaForce will follow her fellow NBA crew members on TNT and report from the sideline.

#4. Andrew Catalon, Steve Lappas, Evan Washburn

Andrew Catalon will be calling tournament games once again this year. He is paired with analyst Steve Lappas and fellow NFL CBS crew member Evan Washburn, who will work on the sidelines.

#5. Spero Dedes, Jim Spanarkel, Jon Rothstein

Spero Dedes returns for his 14th year of calling March Madness games. He will be alongside former Duke Blue Devil guard Jim Spanarkel and NCAA basketball insider Jon Rothstein.

#6. Brad Nessler, Brendan Haywood, Dana Jacobson

Legendary college football and basketball announcer Brad Nessler will return for his sixth season, calling NCAA tournament games. NBA champion Brendan Haywood will be beside Nessler with reporter Dana Jacobson.

#7. Lisa Byington, Steve Smith, Robbie Hummel, Lauren Shehadi

Lisa Byington made history as the first woman in CBS history to call March Madness games as a play-by-play announcer.

She returns alongside NBA champion Steve Smith and former Purdue forward Robbie Hummel. Reporter Lauren Shehadi returns for her third season of NCAA tournament sideline reporting.

#8. Tom McCarthy, Deb Antonelli, Avery Johnson, AJ Ross

Philadelphia Phillies announcer Tom McCarthy gets his first NCAA tournament announcing opportunity. He is paired with Deb Antonelli and Avery Johnson.

Antonelli will be in her seventh season calling tournament games, although she has been covering women's college basketball for over two decades. Johnson is an NBA champion who played for 16 years before joining the CBS commentary team in 2019.

AJ Ross, who normally reports for the NFL on CBS, will take command of the sideline duties with this crew.

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