"She the queen of sparkles": LSU star Flau'jae Johnson rates HC Kim Mulkey's viral outfits

Flau'jae Johnson rates HC Kim Mulkey's viral outfits

LSU coach Kim Mulkey and her outfits have been a trending topic for a while in women's college basketball. It can be said that Mulkey, one of the most successful and famous coaches, has creativity in her wardrobe.

With that being said, Mulkey never fails to divide fans over the internet because of her bold choices, which have given rise to many controversies in basketball. Recently, on "The Burner Show" podcast, Tigers star Flau'jae Johnson was asked to rate Kim Mulkey's outfits.

Johnson rated the outfits without hesitating about the ones she didn't like. She selected her favorites and said hilarious things about some of them, just like the fans on the internet.

Johnson voted for the sparkly outfit Kim Mulkey wore in the NCAA final game against Iowa in 2023.

"She ate this one. Coach, you ate this one. I know I've been talking trash this whole interview, but you ate this. This is 10/10," Johnson said.
"But this is the winner right here. Championship. Coach Mulkey won this when we won the championship. Best day of my life. She ate this. She's the queen of sparkles."
Championship Outfit
Championship Outfit

However, some outfits didn't fit the rap sensation's taste.

"This sucks. I'm not gonna lie, I hate this. She didn't wear this when I was with her 'cause I would've told her," Johnson said.

After a few other outfits came the one Mulkey wore at Vanderbilt when Flau'Jae Johnson ran into her while playing. She remembered the moment by looking at that outfit.

"This one. I like this one. This was at Vanderbilt," Johnson said. "I remember this. I ran into her this game. I don't know if you have the footage but I actually ran into her. It was so funny bruh. She was like,' I'm not mad that was good hustle' but I busted her."
Mulkey's Vanderbilt outfit
Mulkey's Vanderbilt outfit

Flau'jae Johnson talked about how she hated Mulkey's feather outfit and then made a hilarious comment about her polka-dot fits.

"Hate them. I'm a Kim Mulkey fan. I love her outfits. This one...never should've left the tunnel," Johnson said. "That's my dawg, though. I love you, coach."

Flau'jae Johnson shows her rapping skills on live TV


Flau'jae Johnson is also a rapper and is vocal about her art off-court. Recently, on the "Stephen A. Smith Show," Johnson flexed her freestyle rapping and caught the eyeballs of basketball fans.

Following her father's legacy, who was a famous rapper known as "Camouflage," Flau'jae Johnson also does music professionally. Her single "Ain't My Fault" launched recently and was a successful release. She also has a distribution deal with rap icon Jay-Z's company, Roc Nation.

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